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3 Awesome Things to Do In Rome That Are Absolutely Free!

When all the spectacular ancient sites choose one place to assemble at, we call it Rome. One of the most expensive cities to visit in Italy, Rome is an obvious choice for everyone, who is willing to time travel back in the Roman era. But given the expensive entrance fees at the monuments and museums, a family vacation in Rome might cost you a mini fortune. To see some of the most popular tourist attractions like Colosseum, Villa Borghese and the Vatican Museum, you might have to break banks. However, if you are still determined to discover this amazing city, there are several things you can do without spending your precious money. But first things first! Begin saving bucks by booking discounted flight tickets to Rome from

Next, here is our pick of the 5 free things to do in Rome:
I.St Peter’s Square & Basilica Sure, Piazza San Pietro and the Baislica di San Pietro are located in the Vatican City and are the most popular ones, but you will be amazed to discover…

5 Reasons Why Everyone Must Visit Denmark Once In their Lifetime

If you are looking for a destination to get an escape from the heat and the soaring temperature then pack your bags and head towards Denmark. For an intoxicated life and to have a couple of days for pure relaxation put this Scandinavian country on your travel list.

The country is home some of the most surreal landscapes, vivid nightlife and a great cultural scene which is why you must book cheap flights fromLondon to Denmark immediately. Check out the 5 most convincing reasons, you must visit the country: 1.Museums & Art Galleries- Covering various art movements from different eras, Denmark has an infinite number of museums and art galleries that represent the Danish culture. From the ‘Golden Age of Danish’ and contemporary art to ‘Vikings society and sailors` lives’, the culture vultures can surely get to see a lot of amazing stuff in this coolest country in Scandinavia. If you consider yourself an art lover then search forcheap flights from Londonto reach here.

2.Renaissance cast…