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4 Best Running Promenades Of Izmir, Turkey

For some vacation means tasting every single dish of the place they are visiting, relaxing on a beach with drinks on repeat and gorging on the dessert before going to bed. But for those who just can`t stay away from their fitness regime even for a day, the idea might sound like a nightmare. But not all the places provide enough opportunities to get indulged in some kind of physical activities like Turkey. Some places might turn out to be terribly cold while some will greet you with a maximum temperature that might match the boiling point of water. But with 80 days of rain per year, Izmir is a paradise for fitness enthusiasts. One can gaze over the Aegean while running and can admire the view when doing planks. If you are a fitness freak and can`t stand the thought of not staying stick to your workout routine, leave that frown behind and book your tickets from London to Izmir. Here are some of the best places where you can go for jogging in Izmir: 1.Kordon- Izmir`s most famous promen…

Visit these 3 Cozy Cafes In Istanbul To Stay Warm In Winters

Are you planning to visit Istanbul during winters? If yes, then let us enlighten you with the fact that winter in Istanbul brings freezing temperatures, sporadic snowfall, grey skies and a lot more shivering. Therefore a cozy café with welcoming appeal is an ideal place to hunker down and keep you warm. Thus, if your flights from Istanbul to Manchesterare booked and confirmed then worry not! We have rounded some of the coziest cafes of the beautiful city where you cannot save yourself from freezing outside but can also relish on Turkish delights, hot food and freshly brewed coffee. Also if you are a digital nomad, you may find some internet connection for your laptop as well while it snows outside. Café Cuma An ultimate reflection of its neighborhood Cukurcuma, Café Cuma is an absolute refuge from the cold weather. The café is located where the city`s best vintage and antique dealers are situated. The interiors are done with a vintage touch that will remind you of the Victorian era.…

The 4 Most Popular Brunch Spots In Larnaca

Best thing about travelling to a new place is its food and when the place is Larnaca, you can imagine an intriguing culinary scene. Cyprus is an island which is blessed with sun-kissed fertile land that produces fresh and delicious products throughout the year. To entertain the customary demands, the island has been serving the guests with phenomenal Cypriot food scene in recent years. If you too are planning to give island a visit, you can find some of the cheapest flight tickets from London to Larnacafrom For your breakfast worries, here is a list of best brunch spots that are picked with great care:
1.Aquarium Bar Café- Ever thought about having your morning breakfast on a boat? Well welcome aboard! Enjoy your breakfast at the Aquarium Bar Café which is a bar and a café set up on a luxurious boat moored in the Larnaca marina. The boat is segregated into two complete different themes. You can either choose to relish your breakfast al fresco on the deck or you ca…

How To Spend 48 Hours In Izmir

When visiting Izmir, two days might not be enough to visit everything in its precinct but these 48 hours can give you the most unique experience through its popular tourist destinations. From crowded bazaars to historical architecture, we have compiled a balanced full two-day itinerary for you. All you have to do is book your London to Izmir flights and read out this guide carefully: 1.Take a walk down at Kordon Kordon is Izmir`s famous promenade that stretched up across Aegean coast for approximately 5-6 kilometers. When in Izmir taking a stroll is necessary to have an unforgettable experience. Check out the famous clock tower, click beautiful sunsets, look out over the horizon and admire the beauty. Later drop by a café or restaurant along the promenade to devour Turkish flavors.

2.Explore Kemeralti Pazari Kemeralti Pazari is an open air market which has been around since 16th century. The market has various colorful shops along with plenty of hidden courtyards and beautiful cobblest…

How do I get cheap flight tickets to turkey from London?

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Ankara: How To Spend 24 Hours In The Capital City Of Turkey

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. A charming capital which may not be as flashy and glitzy like its sister Istanbul, but Ankara is certainly has irresistible attraction that would leave you spellbound. The city has plethora of places to visit and museums to discover that will keep you engaged for 24 hours. Ankara has its fair share of art galleries, historic sights, shops, museums, and restaurants which is why it exists on every traveler`s bucket list. So if you have booked your flights from London to Ankara, our shirt guide will help you to spend 24 hours in Ankara, delightfully: Visit Anit Kabir Ankara`s most significant sight, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a must-see site. Built in the honor of the first president and founder of Turkish republic - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the mausoleum is a marble monument with stunning architecture. The monument was designed by Emin Halid Onat and Ahmet Orhan Arda and is a worth a visit when it comes to exploring the Turkish capital…

Pamukkale: Turkey`s Natural Rock Pools That Are Beyond Gorgeous

Summary-Turkey`s most important natural wonder is Pamukkale`s gorgeous rock pools that never cease to impress global visitors with its snow-white terraces and nearby ancient city. Here few things that you must know about it before you visit. Nature is vast containing magnificent pools and wonders in abundance and Turkey is blessed with such natural wonders. There is no dearth of places or destination in this beautiful country that will stun you with its charm. Translating to ‘White Castle’, Turkey`s Pamukkale is an epitome of miraculous wonder of nature. It`s pristine travertine terraces and warm pools oozes gorgeous muted tones of blue that attracts hundreds of visitors monthly. The landscape is stunning; no matter what time of the day you choose to visit it. An unbelievable example of nature`s unique creation, Pamukkale keeps changing its color throughout the day. Built from the deposits of calcium carbonate from a calcium carbonate-rich thermal spring which flows in the landscape,…

Can you buy a ticket at the airport?

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These Concept Stores In Istanbul Will Blow Your Mind

Istanbul is famous for being the melting pot of diverse heritage, cultures and historical landmarks. The city not only provides numerous gorgeous places to visit but also various places to shop. Lately, the city has seen the quite wave of young designers and entrepreneurs who weave magic into everything they create. From stylish t-shirts to hand-painted axes, you will come across many lovely items. If you are travelling to Istanbul this summer you can book direct flights to Istanbul from Heathrow. For the shopaholics we have explored the best places where you can shop for some of the most spectacular items: ·Souq Dukkan- First opened as a monthly themed bazaar, the Souq Dukkan turned into a concept store due to high demand and its downright popularity. For those who are fond of unique items can find exclusive garments from the local designers on display. The grand industrial space of this unique showroom will make you feel like you have stumbled upon something exquisite. From handmade…

4 Best Surfing Spots To Ride Waves In Turkey

Turkey is famous for its tradition, culture and heritage along with many ancient sites and architectures that are breathtakingly beautiful. But what most of the people don`t know is that the country also has an eclectic surfing scene. There are various spots that are perfect for surfers and water sports lovers to enjoy sparkling water of Mediterranean or the gigantic waves of Black Sea. Check out the list of the best surfing spots before booking London toTurkey flightsfor the most amazing surfing trip: 1.Alanya- Alanya is a tourist town, which is located in the Southern part of the Turkey. It is a popular beach town and famous for particularly surfing. With 20 days ideal for surfing in a month, it is perfect during the off-season (December to April). The weather in Alanya remains pleasant with temperature not soaring above 18 degrees Celsius and the water temperature around 18-21 degree Celsius. Damaltas and Keykubat are the best beaches for beginners as well as the trained surfers.


5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holidays In Turkey And Nowhere Else

Sometimes all we need is a vacation to feel alive again! Having caught in a monotonous routine, our mind would like to escape from the humdrum of the city life while our soul would like connect with our body without the buzz of social media. But sometimes choosing a destination becomes is not an easy task. You might want to chill at a beach one moment while the second moment you would like to visit historical places of some other civilization and it`s quite rare that you find a place like Turkey, where you can find everything you are looking for. With so many airlines offering cheap flight tickets to Turkey from Londonshould also be a reason why should you travel to this amazing country. From beaches to stunning landmarks and scintillating historical places, you can find everything and anything when here. So brace yourself as we unleash the great things in store: 1.Kabak Bay – For the beach lovers and surfers, the tranquil Kabak Bay is your key to great escape. Hire a taxi to reach …

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A Visit To These 4 Historical Places In Turkey Will Take You Back In Time

Ever felt inclined towards the historical places of Turkey? The country is of a great historical significance that is deeply rooted and one can easily experience it from the culture and architecture that it boasts. Turkey is so magnificent and its charm attracts millions of tourists from across the globe. Visitors can`t get enough of this place as the country has so many diverse places, landmarks, beaches, cities and museums to visit. To exhaust all the tourist destinations, one must spend couple of weeks in the country. So catch a direct London to Turkey flightas our guide will surely make you visit this astounding land as soon as possible. Here is a list of must-visit historical places in Turkey to steal your heart in just one glance: 1.Ephesus- Established as a port and built in the 10th century BC, Ephesus flourished under the Roman Republic. It was a significant commercial center as well as religious hub of the early Christianity. Located on a very fertile valley, its strategic…