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5 Best Countries to Visit In 2019

If you are an avid traveler, for 2019, you might want to visit a completely new destination on your next vacation. If you are ready with your packed bags to set your foot forward for a new experience, here are our top picks of the ten countries in the world you should visit this year: 1.Jordan If you want to go somewhere which is slightly off-the-beaten path, consider Jordan. Jordan is one of the safest countries in the Middle East and is also home to the incredible lost city of Petra which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Head to the lowest point on earth or float in the Dead Sea or experience the stark landscape of the Wadi Rum desert. Book discounted flight tickets to Jordan from our website

2.Philippines An archipelago of some 7,000 islands, Philippines is a fun destination to visit. Breathe in the fresh air and amazing vistas or explore the gorgeous beaches here. You can go for island hopping or discover the hidden beaches. Try some adventure water sports …

Milan: 4 Reasons to Discover the Fashion Capital of the World!

Milan, a city of premium fashion shows with cobblestoned streets with rickety trams, outdoor cafes with lovely red and white table linens, magnificent ancient architecture and stylish locals walking in their swanky clothes, is a dream city of millions of people. Although there are plenty of reasons for you bookdiscounted flight tickets to explore this city, some of the most irresistible ones are given below: APERITIVO- The Happy Hour Coined by the Milanese, the term APERITIVO means a time when the locals come together to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of finger food and delicious snacks after drinks. The Happy Hour lasts from 6 pm to 9 pm and sometimes can also last longer. You can enjoy a well laid out buffet lunch along with glamorous atmosphere in the evening. Best places for Happy Hour are: Navigli District, San Lorenzo and Brera. Love food? Book discountedflight ticketsto visit Milan, from our website.

The Duomo Di Milano Most of the cities in Italy are built around a cathedral…

4 Utterly Romantic Hotels in Bali for a Dreamy Honeymoon

Bali spells romance and magic! Thanks to its gorgeous beaches, outlined by palm trees, serene and stunning temples, fascinating flavors and friendly locals. This tropical paradise scores quite well when it comes to newly-wed couples who are looking to spend some quality time with each other. Adding to its charm is a number of resorts and hotels that promise nothing but an ideal ambience for romance. Thus, if are soon-to-be wed, then you can book discounted flight tickets to Bali and check out our favorites hotels listed right here for you: Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay   A perfect stay for the too-much-in-couples, the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay is an oasis of tranquility. The hotel offers Balinese-style villas, heli-skiing, yoga sessions and an unbeatable range of activities, especially crafted for the young couples. Begin a culinary journey at Sundara, where the misty sea breeze will blow you hair with an amusing sound of waves crashing on the shore in the b…

4 Experiences in Budapest That Everyone Must Have

Stunning architecture, spectacular thermal bath, vital folk art and Europe`s most happening capital after the dark are Hungary`s major drawing cards apart from Buda and Pest. Hungary`s scenery is more gentle than striking but the architecture here is beyond comprehension. Hungary is culturally enriched and its capital Budapest is equally a treasure trove when it comes to ancient architecture. There is not one or couple of beautiful buildings that make Budapest so ecstatic, it is the entire city itself which is an architectural marvel. From neoclassical to baroque to eclectic and art nouveau, Budapest has it all. You can find cheap flights toBudapest which is a fascinating metropolis and a magnetic fusion of modernity and history, combined. Here are the different ways to make your Budapest experience a truly delightful one: Try Hungary`s Signature Dish Tasting local food while exploring a new place, region or country is the topmost thing that everyone should do. When in Budapest, try so…

4 Things You Must Know About Spain`s La Tomatina Festival

Festivals are meant to be celebrated and every country and city has their own festivals that they love to celebrate according to their tradition. Some festival includes color; some are sober while some are the wackiest of all and Spanish festivals have the reputation for being whacky.

La Tomatina festival is the wackiest of all and it will be an understatement that this crazy festival is famous all over the world. Attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world, every year, the end of August sees the alleys and streets of the small Valencian town of Bunol become rivers of tomato-juice. Why? That is because the festival is celebrated by pelting over-ripe or squashed tomatoes on each other. If you are willing to be a part of this grand festival of Spain, here are few fun facts about the festival that you must know before booking cheapflights from London to Spain and joining the Spanish comrade: 1.Biggest Food Fight- La Tomatina festival is one of the biggest food fight festiv…

3 Luxury Hotels in Udaipur Where You Can Live Like a King!

Do you believe in the legendary notion – ‘Live life, King Size’? If yes, then head to India this December to visit the ‘City of Lakes’ (and palaces, kings and royalty, of course!) – Udaipur. A city that is smeared with courageous legendary tales of Maharajas and Kings also stands true in the testimony of the opulence and their affluent lifestyle, which they once enjoyed. You can find cheap flights to Indiato visit Udaipur. If you are travelling to India for the first time, it is quite normal to be overwhelmed while picking the ideal stay from the innumerable choices of hotels. But your Udaipur trip will be incomplete if you don’t stay in a heritage property. So if you are willing to splurge on accommodation, to experience the lifestyle of the Kings, check out our list of hotels: 1.The Leela Palace Udaipur is one of thebest holiday destinationsin the world and is also home to the most spectacular hotels. Amongst all the hotels, The Leela Palace offers the most gorgeous views of Lake P…

5 Interesting Facts about Liechtenstein That Will Make You Hop On Next Flight

With only 37,000 people in roughly 25 km, Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest nation in the world. The dominion of Liechtenstein is landlocked, comfortably nestled between Austria and Switzerland with Alpine mountains offering a stunning backdrop.

For a pocket-sized principality, the country offers a fair share of compelling qualities. One can easily get flights from London to Liechtenstein to spend some time in this paradise. If you want to travel a place where you can be at peace with yourself and nature, no other place can beat this charming country. Before travelling to this alpine microstate, here are some of the interesting facts about it: 1.Less Crime, More Tranquility With its less population and better quality of living standard, Liechtenstein has one of the world`s lowest crime rates. The country`s prison cell holds very few inmates and the prisoners who are given prison sentences longer than two years are generally transferred to Austria. The crime rate is so low that loca…

4 Most Stunning Places to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia has a diverse landscape. From dynamic cities to amazing food to beautiful beaches to idyllic islands and national parks, the country has plenty of ways to surprise you. There is no dearth of cultural activities, thus you can take a stroll around Penang`s UNESCO-listed George Town and Malacca’s historical core to isolated islands that are waiting to be explored. If you want to take an international holiday without having to breaking-into some banks, book discounted flight tickets to Malaysia to visit following places: Malacca City, Malacca- Drenched in history and culture, Malacca city the capital of Malacca state is the colonial city along the Straits of Malacca. This UNESCO World-Heritage site attained the title in 2008 and since then attracting visitors for its unmatched architecture, gourmet scene and the infamous Jonker Street Night Market. The Malay culture has been underwent lot of transformations under the different rules. From Dutch to Portuguese, the historical city …

4 Awesome Reasons to Skip Bali & Visit these Breath-taking Destinations!

When we say Indonesia, most of the people can`t think beyond Bali. Bali is unarguably a stunning and a famous holiday destination. But Indonesia is dotted with plenty of beautiful places that make it worth visiting. Most of the people travel to Bali, but only focusing on Bali would mean nothing but missing out on other exceptionally beautiful things. So all the globetrotters who are eager to travel to less-travelled places, here are some stunning places that will offer you more gorgeous views: Belitung Like many other Indonesia`s islands, Belitung is also known for its pristine beaches and azure waters. But the beaches are not just like other beaches that you have seen till now. The shore is outlined by gigantic smooth white stones reminiscent of glaciers, adorning the beaches and sea. Take a boat on rent from the local fishermen for an entire day and explore the waters. Thus if you are looking to spend some time in your own company, book discounted flight tickets to Indonesia now!


Here Is Why You Must Visit England in Winter

More often than not our imagination rushes to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lapland and Switzerland when we think about taking a winter getaway. But it will come as a surprise to you that colder months are best experienced in England. A beautiful country, with its cities and its countryside covered under the pristine blanket of snow is an ideal place to visit when you are looking to experience winters.

Apart from gettingdiscount flight ticketsto book, here are 5 more reasons why you should visit England in winter: 1.Less crowded- Visiting England during fall means having beautiful landscapes to yourself. If you visit England any other time of the year, you may find all the popular tourist attractions packed with crowd. Not just the countryside but the museums will also have very less visitors. 2.Enjoy crisp morning walks- Frosty mornings will provide you perfect conditions for brisk walks in the countryside. Whether you love slow walks across the quaint and small villages or like hiking u…