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4 Hidden Churches Of Istanbul That You Must Visit

Turkey`s historic, cultural and economic capital is also the most populous city of the country which also has a vibrant multi-cultural past. There is plethora of architectural reminiscent standing proudly that belong to Istanbul`s religious and ethnic minorities, which date back to the Ottoman Empire. Despite the city being more tolerant towards other religions and homogenized, the Jewish, Greek Orthodox and Armenian religious edifices stand as a gentle reminder of a more multicultural past. These structures are definitely worth a visit and if you have booked flights to Istanbul fromHeathrow, take a look at some of the most magnificent churches: Crimean Memorial Church Hidden behind the lush green trees standing in front, the Crimean Memorial Church is located at the end of Serdar-I Ekrem Street in Galata. Popularly known as the Christ Church it was constructed in between 1858 to 1868 in the memory of British soldiers who participated in the Crimean War. Belonging to the Church of En…

4 Must-Visit Edinburgh Attractions to Go Back In Scottish History

Edinburgh is a city that begs to be discovered with every nook and corner filled with quirky elements, you will be tempted to explore the city, a little more, a little further. Being one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, Edinburgh is a town which is intimately entwined with the most surreal landscapes, spectacular buildings and monuments that are perched atop gigantic rocks and towered by the cliffs. Between its literary legacy, museums, architecture and historic landmarks, Edinburgh is a perfect tourist destination which is worth exploring. You can book cheaptickets from Londonto Edinburgh and explore the city, which is a magnet for all things culture. Here are the most popular places that are worth visiting:
NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND The National Museum of Scotland is a palace where the mind is fed with thought provoking objects and eyes are treated with breathtaking interiors. The building houses some of the most captivating amazing collections across the country and aroun…

4 Luxury Boutique Hotels In Istanbul That Are Home Away From Home

Want to double up the fun in Istanbul? The best way to do that is to select a premium class of hotel for your accommodation. The city of Istanbul has its fair share of luxury hotels, from the infamous Four Seasons and Ciragan Palace, but the growing numbers of tourists are moving more towards small boutique hotels to get local feel of the city. Nestled in Istanbul`s most prominent and beautiful neighborhoods, these boutique hotels feel like a home away from home rather than a rented abode in a foreign land. If your idea of perfect stay matches with most of the travelers, then you can book your flights from Istanbul to Manchester as we have got your back. Here is a list of boutique hotels in Istanbul: 1.Adahan Istanbul- Just like its name, Adahan Istanbul is a beautifully renovated neo-classical building with elegant aesthetics. This luxury boutique hotel has forty rooms designed individually, keeping the original details intact such as ceilings and frescoes with custom-made wooden fur…

4 Famous Tourist Attractions to Visit in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand`s largest city and along with that it is also a cultural hub of the North Island which is always enthralling with gamut of interesting activities. Almost a third of New Zealand`s population reside in Auckland. Settled by Maori explorers, Auckland was first discovered by British colonialists in 1840. After years of urbanization and rapid expansion of the city, Auckland has become a melting pot for contemporary and urban life of New Zealand which is why it is worth to visit the country at least once in a lifetime. The city is easily accessible and you can also book discounted flight ticketsif you search well. Here is a list of beautiful places that makes Auckland a spectacular tourist destination: 1.Waitemata Harbor- Famous for its crystal clear water and shimmering skyline of the city, the Auckland Waitemata Harbour provide the main sea-access to the city. The Waitemata name comes from the Maori language, which means obsidian glass. Due to its sparkling, clear…

5 Places in Greece That You Must See Before They Get Expensive

If you are a frequent traveler and feel you have seen it all in Greece, think again! Sunny days, pristine beaches, economical choices and of course an array of UNESCO-listed monuments are some of the few reasons why the country is an attractive destination for avid travelers. Apart from the natural trove that the country is there are number of airlines companies that have increased flight routes to lesser known places within Greece. Thus, if you love travelling show some smartness and book your flightsticketsfrom Londonat Lowest Fare to visit these places before they become as popular as Santorini and Mykonos:
1.LESVOS- Also known as Mytilini, Lesvos is a verdant green island located in the northern Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. The island has kept its natural beauty and charm intact because of lack of tourist activities. The island is a natural playground for hikers, beach and nature lovers, and cycling enthusiasts. The list doesn’t end here; you can find some of the most deli…

6 Places You Definitely See Before You leave Turkey

Turkey is amazing. A lot of travel bloggers and adventure enthusiasts are travelling here to explore this two faced beauty. Saddling the two complete opposite sides of the culture in a perfect communion, this country can make even the person with a rock heart fall in love with its innocence and diverse culture. It`s spell bounding charm will make you book the nextLondon to Turkeyflights to travel here. From Ephesus to Hagia Sophia and many grand bazaars, you can visit plenty of sights to experience the true vibe of this country. But if you thought that is all the country has to offer to its admirers, think again. The city has plenty of gems that are scattered all over the country in a most benevolent way. From natural wonders to ancient cities, here is a list of places and landmarks that you must visit before leaving Turkey: 1.Aphrodisias- Added recently to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017, this small Greek city is still unknown to many people. Aphrodisias is a small ancient Gr…

10 Amazing Facts About Hagia Sophia, Istanbul That You Didn`t Know

Hagia Sophia in Turkey is an important monument for both Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. A great architectural beauty was once a church and later converted into a mosque and now a museum at the Turkish Republic. Today the city showcases that perfect synthesis of two ancient civilizations in one iconic structure which has been standing since 1,480 years–Hagia Sophia. If you want to visit this magnificent structure, you can book direct flightsfrom Istanbul to Manchester.  

Attracting thousands of tourists every year, the museum is a perfect place to travel back in time. Once the largest cathedral in the world; this iconic structure has housed three religious groups and various interesting facts. Check out some amazing facts that will make your visit to this stunning museum even more exciting:

1.Standing for more than 1500 years, Hagia Sophia was constructed in 537 BC as a Greek Orthodox Church by Emperor Justinian I in the place of the church with the same name that was destroyed. 2.The f…

6 Tempting Reasons To Visit Tenerife Now!

If you are bored of listening to stories of your friends coming back from international holidays, it`s time you narrate an incredible story of your own. Ditch all the predictable destinations like Amsterdam Singapore and US and book your flightsto Tenerife from Londonfor your vacation. Tenerife is one of the biggest of Spain`s Canary Islands and also the most famous tourist destination in the world. An exclusive destination for those who are looking for an unforgettable experience, the island offers hikes, gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife, marine animals, scuba diving and the most popular potato dishes which is loved by millions of visitors. Although there are many reasons to visit this ultimate destination, we have come up with the most compelling reasons: 1.All Year Round Destination- No matter which month of the year you plan to visit Tenerife, the island will throw pleasantries the moment you land here. You will never see the mercury rising above 28 degrees during summer and t…

5 Quintessential Turkish Dishes You Must Try

Turkey rewards everyone who visits the country. Sometimes by exhibiting the iconic landmarks and historical places that are well preserved and sometimes by offering cuisine rewards complemented with time-honed flavors. When you are in Turkey you can have mouthful of some of the most delicious and tastiest street foods in Mediterranean.
So if not the architecture, these unique street cuisines will definitely compel you to book flight tickets to Turkey from London. Here are 10 Turkish dishes that you must try:
Menemen- If you think you have tasted eggs in all its form, well then get ready to be disappointed. Menemen is a special dish of Turkey that lays somewhere between a vegetable stew and scrambled eggs with added tomatoes, peppers and onions that are cooked down to a savory broth. The dish is made then by whisking eggs in and fried with the simmering tomato juice to form the lip-smacking breakfast staple.

Dolma- ‘Dolma’ is an Anatolian cuisine which means “stuffed”, but you will be…

Visit These 5 Luxury Restaurants By The Beach In Bodrum, Turkey

Turkey is an amazing country which is popular for its perfect amalgamation of European as well as Asian sides. A perfect destination to visit round the year, the country tops the list of many visitors as it offers many spectacular views, pristine beaches, luxury hotels and top-notch restaurants as well as number of places where you can spend a day in leisure. More often than not, people book their London to Turkey flightsjust to take a break and chill with their loved ones. But when you are in Bodrum which is Turkey`s hottest summer destination, eating fresh food by the seaside is a pretty essential experience which you must get. So if you are going to visit Bodrum for the first time, we have rounded up the best places where you can go for fine-dining, enjoy the great food and watch the sun going down over the Mediterranean.
1.Memedof- One of the most popular seafood restaurants of Bodrum, Memedof sees a lot of crowd waiting outside to get inside. It is better to make reservation in …

These 5 Street Markets In Antalya Are Heaven For Shopaholics

Unanimously admired for its historical sights and stunning beaches, Antalya is much more than a summer resort town. The city is vast and has vibrant street markets and bazaars that offer an interesting way to not only mingle with locals but also to shop like them. Also with leading airlines offering directflights to Antalya from UK, the city has become a heartthrob of every traveler visiting Turkey. The market is a treat for those who love to shop. So if you want to buy some souvenirs for your friends and loved ones back home, here is a list of top markets, where you can find some amazing things: KALEICI When you feel like treating yourself with some retail therapy in Antalya, Kaleici is the go-to place. Located in old district of Antalya, you will have to walk the cobblestone streets to move past the many beautiful Ottoman style timber houses to reach the market. The market has hundreds of shops in which you may find some of the best wares that the city has to offer. You may also find…