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4 Free Things to Do In Athens, Greece

Athens – the world`s ancient capital is also a dynamic city where archeological vestiges live peacefully next to the modern constructions. The capital city has plenty of options for adventurers, sun worshippers, history buffs and epicureans. Thus if you are someone who wants to visit the city but on a tight budget, worry not! The city has plenty of things to do without breaking banks. So book discounted flight tickets from London to Athens without worrying about the money with our comprehensive list of free things to do in the Greek Capital: Take a stroll across the National Garden This beautiful CENTRAL PUBLIC PARK is situated right next to the Parliament Building in Syntagma. The park is home to a botanical museum, a zoo and a small pond, giving a welcoming break from the concrete jungle on any warm day. So make the most of this gorgeous park and don`t forget to bring your picnic bag.

Enjoy Panoramic Views from Heights Athens is blessed with great topography and thus the city offers …

4 Most Beautiful Islands In Thailand, You Must Visit!

Fun-loving, friendly, historical and cultured, Thailand is the ‘Land of Smiles’ in true sense. Radiating a golden hue from its glittering temples and breathtakingly beautiful beaches, Thailand exists on everyone`s travel bucket list. The country is adored equally around the world. Some love its Thai-culture, some its tropical beaches while other love its markets and spectacular temples. Gleaming temples and golden Buddha, if this is something you have imagined for your next vacation, well you are at the right place and for those who want to have an amazing beach vacations, Thailand is the ultimate place to be. Book discounted flight tickets to Thailand as we are going to reveal some of the most stunning Thai islands to add to your Thailand bucket list: KOH PHAYAM Offering a slow and enticing pace of life, this small Thai island is located off the coast of Ranong and closer to the Burmese border. The island will provide you a complete detox, if that’s the main agenda of your holidays; …

Rajasthan: A land of Kings, Forts, Palaces & Desert!

A jewel in India`s crown, Rajasthan is a walk on sands of time! From the splendid sand dunes to might forts and opulent palaces that are standing since centuries telling the tales of battles and the Indian history, visiting Rajasthan is like visiting India in its glorious era. Luring large number of tourists every year, Rajasthan boasts of various fairy-tale palaces, epic forts, wildlife encounters and colorful festivals. India, at its vibrant best will leave you captivated in its brilliant contrast of old and new. So find cheap flights to India, pack your bags and begin your journey towards the time, when India was called ‘The Golden Goose’. The Golden Triangle The Golden Triangle of India is an excursion that will take you to a cultural trip. A traveler`s survey of Indian icons, this cultural journey begins with the majestic Mughal heritage at the vibrant capital of India- Delhi. The second halt is Agra, where one of the seven wonders of world ‘Taj Mahal’ is located. The excursion …

5 Reasons Why Puglia Should Be On Your Italy Travel Itinerary

Summary- With its slow approach to daily life, Puglia is rapidly becoming a destination to find solace with its dazzling natural landscapes. Read on to know why you should include it in your Itinerary. A charming region in the South of Italy, Puglia is best known for its pristine beaches sprawling across the hundreds of kilometers, whitewashed hill towns and century’s old farmland. Puglia can now surely take its top spot when it comes to Italy`s famous regions. The region is full with ancient towns piled up with tangible past, extravagant churches that are living dreams of Europe`s finest architects, the remnants stamped in gold, stone and marble telling the tales of many conquerors. Pack your bags and book your cheap flights from London to Italy`s Puglia and check out what this beautiful region have to offer? 1.Gargano- Gargano which is adorned with ancient forests inland, lovely and beautiful villages, pristine sandy beaches, rugged caves, cliffs and picturesque coves is a perfect …

4 Places Where You Can Stay On a Budget in Budapest

When it comes to travel to other country, the major expenditure apart from the ticket is to get a good accommodation under budget. But if you are travelling to Budapest, fret not, because Budapest has got you covered. The budget options are aplenty and the most amazing thing is that you don`t even want to compromise on style. With breathtaking views, chic style, stylish interiors and essential amenities, all you have to do is book flights from London to Budapest and check out our list of the best places to stay in Budapest: 1.Pal’s Hostel & Apartments Offering the most spectacular views of St Stephen`s Basilica, this group of apartments benefit from its ideal location, as it is situated right in the heart of the city. There is a small hostel with rooms to accommodate up to 6 people with its own attached bathroom and also fully furnished apartments for up to eight people. With tastefully done interiors and amazing views, this combo of hostel and apartments is a nice match.


4 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

Famous as being fun and excitement, Las Vegas succors all kinds of possibilities for tourists. The city which is also known as Sin City, is known as the playground for adults. From its glitzy nightclubs to elite casinos and live entertainment, the city is devoted towards the enjoyment of young adults. The Strip, which is Las Vegas most famous resort-lined street, sparkles with lights and recreated glamorous sites from around the world. Apart from casinos and pubs, there are also unique museums, an impressive list of shows and countless other things to do. A year-round destination, those who are looking for some fun and leisure holiday, book flights from London to LasVegas. Here is a list of other countless things to do in Vegas: 1.THE STRIP This 2.5 mile long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard that runs from northeast to southwest of the city is basically called ‘the Strip’. This long section is aligned with huge entertainment palaces, performance venues, luxury hotels and fine di…

4 Top Tourist Attractions in Nairobi Every Wildlife Lover Must Visit

From once being a humble camp for railway workers in 1899 to the capital of British East Africa by 1907, Nairobi has come a long way. Still conjuring all the colorful reminiscent and adventure of its vibrant colonial days, Nairobi is Kenya`s capital and the largest city. The major attraction in this cosmopolitan capital is still its wildlife. Nairobi is one of the only cities in the world that has a safari park in its borders. One can enjoy a classic African wildlife experience at Nairobi National Park which is located at mere 15-minute drive from the skyscrapers of the city center. If you want to spot some of the most endangered animals roaming in the wild and appreciate unique historical collections then book flights fromLondon to Nairobi. Check out the list of attractions in Nairobi given below: Nairobi National Park Located at just 7-km away from Nairobi`s city center, Kenya`s first national park is a haven for wildlife and wildlife lovers. The park is a rhino sanctuary and curr…

3 Budget-Friendly Places in India for Backpackers

“If travelling was free, no one would have found me ever again”! There are lots of people who would agree with this popular quote that is going viral and liked by many students and people who have either less or no budget to travel. But the good thing is that this world is large place and there are a number of amazing countries that are high on tourism and low on prices. A paradise for all kinds of tourists, India is suitable for all. No matter what the budget, there will always be a part of the country that will suit your pocket and your expectations. Thus if you have been letting your shoestring-budget stop you from booking cheap flights to India, pack your bags right away, because we have compiled a list of places in India that are a complete thrifty affair. KODAIKANAL South India`s most famous hill station is also the cheapest. There are so many government run accommodations that provide you so many choices to stay and that too under budget. The best part in staying at one of th…

4 Places in Manila That Are Absolutely Photogenic

Every trip or holiday is an unforgettable memory. Therefore, we all like to capture some of the most memorable moments with us in our cameras, phones and other digital gadgets to store them with us forever. And when you are travelling to the Philippines capital –Manila, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with the photogenic city. With strong art culture, historical sites and other stunning spots, clicking pictures is something that becomes very obvious. If you have booked cheapflights to Manilaand travelling to this charming city, let us guide you about the most spectacular places in the city that are absolutely Instagram-worthy spots: Fort Santiago One of the most prominent historical sites, Fort Santiago is a part of the walled city of Intramuros. This significant site has witnessed various grave things, including the lives lost during the Spanish colonial era. The historical landmark, today, takes pride in its preserved legacies such as the memorabilia of Rizal and has pl…

What Makes Lagos the Hottest Tourist Destination of 2018?

Showcasing the finest combination of lively character and a cherished nautical tradition, Lagos is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Portugal. Located in the western Algarve, this lovely and kicking beach town is situated 90 km from Faro and is celebrated for its scenic coastline of gorgeous beaches and spectacular rock formations that absolutely natural. Laced with wealth of historical attractions, the town exudes a young and lively vibe that lures the visitors from the other side of the globe. It would be an understatement to say that people book tickets months in advance to findcheap flights to Lagos. Savor the amicable services of the restaurants or sink in the cheerful vibes of this surreal beach town, if you are visiting Lagos for the first time, go through our list of places and things that make this town utterly famous: Beaches No beaches in this world can beat the charm and serenity that the Lagos`s beaches have to offer. Some of the most famous beaches of …

Top 4 Things to Do On Orchard Road in Singapore

Singapore is as much famous as London when it comes to shopping for luxe-items and luxury clothing. The country`s Orchard Road is a well-known one-stop-destination for all your shopping needs. From luxury goods to daily staples, you can get everything as the place offers diverse range of items. Have you booked cheap flights to Singapore recently? Then to know about this short stretch of road aligned with malls is a must for you. Venture just a little off the beaten path and you will discover wonders. Here are few hidden gems that you must definitely explore: 1.Shopping- This is what Orchard Road is famous for and for all the right reasons. Once you exit the bus or MRT, you will be delighted to see various stores lined up all along the street. You can access various stores and multiple malls via the underground routes and there are also plenty of shops all along the tunnels as well. From big luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada, there are various high-street brands like H&…

3 Best Countries in Asia for Perfect ‘Family-cation’

Asia, the largest continent on earth offers endless choices of places and destination to choose from. From stunning beaches to dramatic landscapes, gorgeous islands to lively modern cities along with culturally rich countries, no other place can match the diversity of the Asian continent. Whether you are travelling with your partner or along with your kids, there are some of the best places for a family-friendly vacation in Asia. So pull up your socks and start looking out for flights from Londonbecause the list of places is going to be irresistibly tempting: 1.Singapore- A firm favorite for family vacation, Singapore offers myriad places to explore and see. The country has an excellent transportation system which makes getting around this small country absolutely effortless. The country may not be having splendid beaches, but many hotels have infinite pools where you can take a splash and enjoy the roof-top views. One can also take a stroll along the sands of Sentosa Island and East…

Rejuvenate Your Soul In India`s Mystic Hot Thermal Springs

For anyone who is looking for spectacular views and rejuvenating natural hot springs, India won`t disappoint. These natural springs are not only rich in minerals but they also have few therapeutic properties that can cure skin diseases and many other health benefits. Bookcheap flights toIndiaif you want to visit one of the dreamy spots listed below:
Located in the infamous Parvati Valley of Kullu District, Manikaran is a popular pilgrim. The small town of Manikaran is regularly visited by Sikh pilgrims who come to their sacred pilgrim center and also hot springs. The waters here have high percentage of uranium and few other radioactive elements that are said to cure bronchitis and rheumatic aches. The place is located near to Kullu-Manali and are easy accessible.

PANAMIK If you have ever thought about curing your skin ailments naturally then head to Panamik which is located in the charming Nubra Valley of Ladakh. The natural springs here are enriched with Sulphur and contain…