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4 Incredible Things We Bet You Didn`t Know About Singapore

Most of the people around the globe know Singapore as the country that has strict rules, fantastic world class airport, Universal Studios and a country with a reputation of taking their law and order seriously. A clean and fine city, Singapore is consistently growing with rapid development. Book cheap flights to Singapore becausewhether you have already visited the country or you are planning to travel here for the first time, here is a list of things about this fascinating country that might surprise you: Singapore is an archipelago We are sure that this fact must have come across as a surprise for you. This small country is not one island but is actually an archipelago of 63 islands. The remaining offshore islands are mostly uninhabited and are used for a wide range of purposes that also include military and industrial use. Popular islands like Sentosa Island can be visited as it is the most developed island and infamous for its casinos and Universal Studios, Pulau Ubin which is p…

5 Best Tourist Attractions That Define the City Of Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is also a city that never sleeps. Famously known as ‘a city of dreams’ due to millions of opportunities that it provides, Mumbai is the most populated city in India. With Bollywood having a stronghold in India`s largest city, the city of Mumbai showcases a striking irony of life with glistening sky-line on one side while Asia`s biggest slums on the other. A front door to India, India`s largest city is home to dreamers, aspiring actors, models, gangsters, laborers, exotic birds, millionaires and of course plenty of tourist attractions that constitute a gorgeous sea-link, historical structures, amazing beaches and beautiful temples along with Arabian Sea. So if you are planning to discover the colorful culture of India, let Mumbai be your first halt. You can easily get direct flights from London to Mumbaito explore these 4 famous attractions of the city: 1.Gateway of India- No list will be considered complete without having Gateway of India toppi…

The 4 Most Truly Magnificent Forts in India You Must Visit

India that was known as the ‘Golden Bird’ was an opulent land. Divided into hundreds of kingdoms, the country has a rich historical past with Kings, Maharaja`s and Nizams and Nawabs. Apart from being one of the ancient civilizations, the country has a rich past spanning thousands of years with different dynasties brought distinct, unique and beautiful traditions along with excellent mark of architecture. The best way to experience the country`s royal lineage is to visit magnificently constructed forts in different parts of the country. The land is dotted with majestic forts that tell the tales of luxury and the larger-than-life living style of the royals that ruled the land. Here is a comprehensive guide of all the beautiful forts and royal palaces of the country to leave an indelible mark on you: 1.GWALIOR FORT- Constructed by Man Sing Tomar, the Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most beautiful forts in the country. Although the dates are confirmed, the fort was believed …

4 Most Beautifully Constructed Churches in Auckland

Auckland is famously known for the islands, beaches and its untapped natural landscapes, however there are many beautiful churches as well in the city, which makes it a top-tourist destination for many architecture-lovers. Among many Auckland`s architectural masterpieces, one can find an array of spectacular churches that impeccably constructed exuding nothing but a piece of finest craftsmanship. If you are planning to visit Auckland and have got your flights from Londonbooked, here are some of the most immaculately built churches you should definitely explore: CATHEDRAL OF ST PATRICK & ST JOSEPH The Cathedral of St Patrick & St Joseph has been the main cathedral of the Catholic Bishop of Auckland since the region first established its diocese in 1848. The cathedral is popularly known as St Patrick`s Cathedral and was founded on the original grounds, given to Jean Baptiste Pomp Allier by the British Crown in 1841. Earlier the structure was small but the chapel underwent many …

5 Iconic Bridges Of Istanbul That Connect the Two Different Worlds

The city of Istanbul has been keeping visitors and photographers busy with its historical riches and attractions, but the most outstanding highlights of the city are its iconic bridges. When a city is separated and divided into two equally significant halves by a strait, they are bound to be connected through spectacular bridges. Although Turkey has two sides – European and Asian, the city of Istanbul has one more – Fatih, in addition to the respective two. These three sides of Istanbul are connected to one another via bridges that have become iconic visual representations of the city. If you are planning to go from London toIstanbulthen check out the bridges that are as spectacular as the city of Istanbul: BOSPHORUS BRIDGE In 2017, the infamous Bosphorus Bridge was renamed to the ’15 July Martyrs Bridge’, in order to honor the civilian victims who lost their lives in a resistance to attempted coup. This amazing gravity-anchored steel suspension bridge was constructed between 1970 an…

4 Coffee Shops in Manila That Offer Amazing Caffeine Fix

For some coffee holds a significant value in their lives. Whether they are at home, at work or enjoying a vacation, those who take their freshly brewed coffee very seriously can`t start their day without it. And those who are the real connoisseurs will tell you that the coffee scene in Manila or the entire Philippines was not much developed. However after the third-wave coffee movement sweeping the globe, the country is sweeping off with homegrown coffee shops and giving even the most popular brands, a run, for their money. So if you have found cheap flights to Manilafrom London, they we would recommend you to book those tickets, as you will find an amazing caffeine fix Manila`s trendy Makati district: The Curator Coffee & Cocktails If you do not discriminate between coffee and cocktails, then you can show your love at the Curator Coffee & Cocktails. You can get both along with a drool-worthy addition which is called coffee cocktails. The place has all the three options, doub…

4 Major Attractions of Lagos Every Tourist Should Visit

If you are visiting Nigeria and you do not visit Lagos, then you are missing out on something with great significance. The city of Lagos which is the commercial nerve is the mega city and former capital of Nigeria. It is a major tourist attraction and is a land of opportunities for the tourists. The country`s largest economy also offers tons of incredible sights to behold such as resorts, beaches, museums, markets, malls, art centers and colorful festivals that you will be spoilt with choices. From the history buffs to the art lovers to sports lovers, there is something for everyone in the city of Lagos. So explore the city that has plenty of historical and cultural landmarks by booking cheap flights to Lagos. Since there are so many sights to behold, we will be listing a few: 1.National Museum Established just before Nigeria gained independence, the National Museum which is located in Onikan Lagos has been a major attraction for tourists. Exhibiting the great collections in archeolog…

These 4 Places Will Show You the Soul of Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is a union territory as well as the political capital of the nation. Over thousands of years, the city of Delhi has been the stronghold of all the kingdoms that have ruled over the nation. Each dynasty commissioned construction of forts, memorials, shrines and various other structures that give this city an unmatched charm. The culture here is diverse, influenced by the various communities, immensely vibrant and colorful, just like its people. The city of Delhi is oozes out a striking fusion of the old and the new world, through its cities – Old Delhi and New Delhi. While New Delhi is the power house of the modern India, the narrow alleys of old Delhi will remind you of ancient era and historical times. From plush looking malls in South Delhi to illuminated pathways of Chandni Chowk, Museums to flea markets, temples to churches, the city has it all. A haven for the history lovers, Delhi is a spectacular city and absolutely a must-visit. Here is a list of…

The 5 Most Beautiful Islands of Philippines

Europe is over rated! And when it comes to beach holidays, nothing can beat the beauty of Philippines. Archipelagos of over 7,000 out of which the two islands are have been repeatedly termed as the ‘best island in the world’, it is a no secret that Philippines is a country with stunning landscapes in abundance. If you want to book discounted flight tickets to Philippines, try to book early as here are the 5 most famous islands that are waiting to get explored: Matinloc Island, Palawan Home to some of the most popular beaches and tourist attractions such as Secret Beach, Hidden Beach and Matinloc Shrine, the Matinloc Island is a must on everyone`s trip to El Nido. The beautiful hidden beaches are surrounded y El Nido`s iconic limestone formations that offer some of the most stunning views in the area.

Siargao, Surigao del Norte Siargao has been a surfer`s paradise since a long time but it rose to popularity only in the past few years. It is most famously known as ‘Surfing Capital of th…

5 Absolutely Unmissable Attractions in Paris worth Exploring

Paris, the capital of France is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. The beautiful city is on every art lover`s travel bucket list. The city offers something incredible and unmissable at every turn and corner. A gallery of modern art, a little bar playing the jazz or an ancient church; you can find plenty of attractions when in Paris. If you walk and talk art, then you must book flights from Londonto visit the stunning attractions in Paris. Check out the France capital`s 5 biggest attractions that will give you a life-time experience of good memories: 1.Eiffel Tower- Gustave`s Eiffel`s wrought iron tower needs no introduction. The masterpiece of the infamous architect is Paris`s most popular attraction. The tower that is 324 meters high is the tallest structure in the capital which was constructed in 1889 as the centerpiece of Exposition Universelle. Around 6.9 million tourists pay to climb on the top of the tower annually.

2.Arc de Triomphe- Arc de Triomphe, which…

5 Best Places around the World to Watch Northern Lights

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis sometimes referred to as polar lights is a natural phenomenon of light display in the Earth`s sky. These lights are caused by the collision of electrical charged particles from the sun that enter the earth`s atmosphere. The lights can be seen dancing above the magnetic poles of the southern and northern hemispheres. Being the must-see thing in every traveler`s bucket list, many people wish to see these beautiful lights dancing in the sky. The key to the perfect Northern Lights holiday is booking early. Most of the flights and hotels sell out months in advance. So if you too are planning to tick off ‘Northern Lights’ from your list, check out the top most destinations based on quality, regularity and accessibility: TROMSO, NORWAY Centrally located in the heart of the aurora zone in the Norwegian Arctic, Tromso is widely considered to be the best place to witness the Northern Lights. The city is easily accessed by from the UK, with a direct flight fro…

6 Incredible Places for Stargazing In South America

Sleeping under the blanket of stars is probably the best experience anyone can have in their lifetime. Especially when you are in South America, as the continent is an excellent location, perfectly suited for stargazing, offering some of the most stunning constellations in a crystal clear night sky. So whether you are planning to travel to Bolivia or have booked flight with lowestairfaresto travel to Chile, here are some of the best places where you can rest your head to gaze at millions of stars twinkling back at you: 1.Atacama Desert, Chile Attracting millions of astro-tourists every year, Chile`s Atacama Desert is home to the largest astronomical project on earth. Separating the Andes from the Pacific through an immense desert plateau, Atacama is famous for its beautiful star-scape around the world. You can either stay in the town of San Pedro de Atacama, which has a lovely Meteorite Museum or either get yourself booked for an astronomically-oriented tour.

2.Amazon Rainforest, Bra…