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6 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Antalya

Antalya is a beauty that needs no introduction. Bustling with rich cultural history and stunning natural landscape, you don`t need a particular reason to visit here. One of the most preferred holiday destination, people go breathless with a mere glance at the gorgeous Taurus Mountains and its peaceful beaches along with the streets that takes to the ancient cities of former empires that disappeared with time.

Still we don’t want to take a risk of keeping you at home during your summer vacations. Thus to make sure that you don`t miss out on this splendid city, here are 6 reasons why you need to visit to Antalya right now:
1.Great Hiking- If you are one of those who like to explore the faraway places on your foot then great! You can take up a walking trail from Fethiye to Antalya (540 kilometers) and takes approximately 29 days to trek. You will not only enjoy great views along the coast but will also come across 25 historical sights waiting just for you to explore them. Sounds cool? Bo…

5 Reasons Why Should You Spend Your Summers In Larnaca

Not as popular as the other European destinations that are hot-sellers among the travelers, Larnaca can surely leave its imprint over your hearts if you give it a chance. A beautiful port city which is located on the south coast of Cyprus, Larnaca can surprise anyone, delightfully!

Its endless gorgeous beaches adorned with golden sand and surrounded by crystal clear waters, the intricately constructed churches and historical palaces with its infamous palm tree promenade that lures thousands of the tourists every year can sweep you off your feet. The city exudes such a sleepy charm that will make you right at home with its laidback ambience.Also the city has become easier to reach to from London. With so many airlines offering direct flights from London toLarnaca, it has become the new ‘IT’ destination. Here are 4 reasons why Larnaca should be your next pick for the summer holidays: 1.A PERFECT BEACHTOWN- The beautiful beaches of Larnaca are beyond comprehension. Larnaca`s gorgeous be…

Tenerife: 4 Top Most Places And Things To Do

Tenerife is a year round favorite destination in the Canary Islands. Tourists from all around the globe love to throng the place because of its weather. The island is also known as the island of eternal spring which justifies why tourists love coming back to this beautiful spot.

This year round destinations is not only famous for its gorgeous beaches, ocean waves, great bars and restaurants but it is also famous for its numerous natural resources and secluded getaways. You can simply take flightsfrom London to Tenerife south airport, to reach here, as the city offer brilliant connectivity with the rest of the world.
Most of the people will seldom like to venture beyond its turquoise waters; we have come up with an extensive guide of activities that top the chart:
1.Los Gigantes Cliffs Gear up to be blown away by the incredible beauty of this place. Untouched and extremely beautiful Los Gigantes is a resort located in a secluded place in the west of the island. The resort is famous f…

Istanbul: 4 Best Walks To Make You Fall In ‘Forever Love’ With The City

Istanbul is a big city, which means the amazing city offers beautiful surprises at every turn. The best way to explore the city is not by a cab or train but by foot. Whether your heart craves to look at the gorgeous Bosphorus views, exotic natural scenery or some magnificent historical structures, the city has plenty of the best walks all around the famous Turkish city.
If you want to spend your holidays in a place you have never been before, Turkey is the place to be. Also, all the major airlines are offering direct flights from airports. You can book flights from Istanbul toManchesteror direct flightsto Istanbul from Heathrow to reach here.
If you feel a kick-in about going to Istanbul, then let us tell you about some of the splendid walks around the city which you can take to discover some epic-ness:
1.Bosphorus` Views- Your trip to Istanbul will considered to be incomplete without looking out over to the Bosphorus. Delve into the local life by moving from one neighborhood to ano…

6 Reasons Why Tenerife Gives Every Traveler Their Next Destination Goals

Summary- While most of the visitors to the Canaries will hardly venture beyond the beach, Tenerife is more than its sprawling beaches. From spectacular trekking to Michelin-starred dining, read on to know more about the island. Canary Islands are the new rage with avid travelers. With rugged volcanic terrain, spectacular beaches and a lively nightlife it is no wonder that the islands are the latest rage among the travelers. Also the archipelago is blessed with endless days of shine, which means you can take flights to Tenerifefrom Londonanytime of the year. Here are few reasons why should everyone visit the island at least once in a lifetime: 1.ETERNAL SPRING- With temperature amazingly minimum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius in January and 25 degrees in August, Tenerife is known as the island of the Eternal Spring. The island receives very less rainfall and blooms under the sunshine for 300 years over a year. The weather can be different between north and south of the island. The n…

4 Historical Sights In Izmir That Are Worth Visiting

Summary- Proudly liberal and deeply cultured, Izmir is a popular destination among the tourists with plenty of historical sights. Read on to know more about the places you must visit when here: Discovered by the Greeks, Izmir is a beautiful city on Turkey`s Aegean coast. Known as Smyrna in antiquity, Izmir is garlanded around the azure-blue Bay of Izmir. The city became a part of Ottoman Empire, but before that it was taken over by the Romans and was rebuilt by their emperor Alexander the Great. The city has a seafront promenade which is as lively and famous as the city`s scintillating architectures.

Izmir`s fascinating heritage reflects the truth that it has been the home of Armenians, Greeks, Turks and Levantines over the centuries. More and more European travelers are now heading to this wonderful city as there is London toIzmir non-stop flightswith cheapest fares. Here are some of the best sights to see in and around Izmir: AGORA One of the best preserved remains of the ancient ci…

Explore Antalya By Visiting These 5 Best Places

Once considered mere a gateway to the Turkish Riviera, Antalya today is a popular tourist destination. One of the largest cities of Turkey`s western Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is the fifth most populous city in the country with over one million of population. Located right on the Gulf of Antalya, the showcases an incredible fusion of ancient ruins and modern infrastructure. Home to many historical ruins, the city offers a stunning array of gorgeous beaches, fabulous architectures and national museums exhibiting some of the rarest of rare artefacts. The city also has its own airport –the Antalya airport, which handles various domestic and international flights. There are also regular flights to Antalya from UK, which also makes the city easily accessible.

The city takes its tourism business pretty seriously and whether you are traveling solo or with a large group, the city will never cease to entertain you. Here are top things to do when you are holidaying in Antalya:

5 Dishes That Everyone Must-Try When In Ankara, Turkey

Being the capital city of Turkey, Ankara has numerous cafes and restaurants that are all equally amazing. Their lip smacking cuisines and dishes need to be devoured with utmost joy when you are in town. From authentic kebabs to their delicious but utterly sweet desserts to mark the end of the meal, take note of these pleasant edible experiences if you are planning to visit the city anytime soon. Check out our top picks of popular restaurants that will make you book next flight from London to Ankara:
GRILLED FISH AT YELKEN BALIK Yelken Balik is one of Ankara`s best seafood restaurants. Being a popular representative of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine in Ankara, they serve a delightful hot and cold meze variety of seafood and vegetables. Their menu is a harbinger for seasonal fish which is served with a glass of raki.

Location- Yelken Balık, Kazım Özalp Mahallesi, Reşit Galip Cd. No:58, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 448 29 90 ISKENDER AT ULUDAG KEBABCISI Famous for its delicious Isken…