5 Useful Things Everyone Must Know before Visiting Singapore

Singapore has become a popular destination in recent years and travelling can be both an exciting and unnerving experience. A place, where visitors can shop and experience variety of culture and traditions. From glistening skyline to excellent infrastructure, Singapore is synonymous with urbanization.

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But the country also has a reputation for rules and social conduct. If you are looking out on web for cheap flights to Singapore, prepare yourself with these 15 useful things to know before you step down on the country:
1.       State Your Fashion Statement with Flip-Flop- In various part of the world, flip flops might be considered unfashionable and extremely casual, but in Singapore it is a fashion statement. Considering the tropical climate of the country, flip-flops have become an obvious choice for many. Unlike other South Asian countries, Singapore doesn’t observe four seasons. The country has weather patterns that are based on the monsoon seasons. Passing showers are common in Singapore, thus carrying an umbrella is advised.
2.       English Speaking Country- One of the biggest pet peeves of locals in Singapore is being stereotyped by tourists. Most of the tourists have this wrong notion that Singaporeans do not speak English. The matter of fact is that despite the cultural disparity, the local schools teach English as a primary language, followed by a student`s mother tongue. Now when you know that you can easily converse with the local population of Singapore, you can expect a great time. Book cheap flights to Singapore, now!
3.       Taxis That Don`t Overcharge- Although in most of the Asian countries, the taxi drivers have a bad reputation for overcharging the clients, in Singapore this act is completely impossible. The taxis are strictly regulated and the fare is calculated on the basis of the distance covered. Also with cab services like ‘Uber’ and ‘Grab’, availing a cab service is no more a problem.
4.       Brilliant Train Network- Due to its compact size, getting from one point to another is no more a matter of haggling through poor bus services. One can easily commute from one place to another in less time. Major landmarks and tourist sites are also interconnected through a comprehensive train network which gets you from suburban parts of Singapore to the center of the city within 30 minutes.
5.       Free Wi-Fi Hotspots- If the thought of exploring the city without a data connection sends shivers down your spine, then worry not! Majority of the restaurants and cafes in Singapore provide free Wi-Fi connection. Public spaces like libraries and malls are also powered by wireless services for the locals as well as tourists. All you need is to put mobile number for the OTP and you are done.
So if you are travelling to Singapore anytime in the near future, familiarize yourself with these little things about the country that makes it all the more special. If you are looking to book cheap flights to Singapore, you can visit our website flightsnfare.co.uk.  


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