4 Reasons Why You Should Be Booking Your Tickets to Corsica in 2019!

Corsica, a haven of outdoor adventures combined with astounding geographical diversity, sends jitters to those who are looking for thrills. Replicating a miniature continent, Corsica, juts out from the foaming Mediterranean like an impregnable fortress, with verdant valleys, vibrant coastal cities and fabulous beaches.

Book discounted flight tickets to Corsica

From hiking to snorkeling, holidays in Corsica offer ample amount of opportunities that vary on great scale. A perfect sea-side refuge, we see no reason why it shouldn`t make up for your next 2019, holiday destination. Here are few reasons why Corsica should be on your travel bucket list:
Amazing Watersports
An ultimate destination for water sports lovers, Corsica offers plethora of engaging activities. Whether an amateur or an expert, you can explore the well-preserved marine life with a dive at the Corsica Aqua Plongee or can navigate a shipwreck in the waters of the Bastia region. Those who want to expand the horizon of their adventurous instincts, can also go for paddle boating, kayaking, windsurfing and scuba diving. You can book discounted flight tickets to c, if you book tickets now!

Book discounted flight tickets to Corsica

Beach Bonanza
Boasting of 1,000 kilometers of coastline, Corsica which has been part of France for more than 200 years, feels different from the mainland in everything. From cuisine to customs to language and character, Corsica is a paradise for sun worshippers. Sitting prettily against the azure Mediterranean Sea, Corsica has some of the best beaches in Europe. Some of the infamous beaches include white sands of Cupabia, the open bay of Capo di Feno surrounded by mountains and rocks and mountains and Saleccia, which is only accessible by boat and unarguably one of the most scenic beaches in Corsica. Love to explore the beaches? Book discounted flight tickets to Corsica to discover its scenic beaches, today!
The Gourmet Scene
Food is the soul and heart of the island and Corsica takes its food very seriously. One can never find ‘on the go’ meals here, as every meal be it lunch or dinner, is always a leisurely affair comprising at least three courses. Being on the coast, Corsica is known for its seafood. Gorge on freshly caught prawns, oysters, crayfish and trout, available on most restaurants menus. Also Corsica is a wine country and while here, sample some of the local selections that make a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Love food? Discover the gourmet scene of Corsica, by booking discounted flight tickets!
Historical Heritage
Corsica is as much about history as it is about picturesque scenery. Known as the ‘island of beauty’, the city is also a birthplace of the French Emperor Napoleon, who was born in 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica`s capital city. There are several historic statues and sites like the Bonaparte House, which was Napoleon`s family home, which is now transformed into a national museum as well as Musee Fesch, where you can admire famous works of art.
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