4 Extremely Gorgeous Places Everyone Must See Before Leaving Prague

Summary- When it comes to beautiful architecture, Prague is the capital of Paris. With a history that trails back to millennium, it can leave you captivated. Explore a list of magical places you must visit!
Prague is part centuries of magic, part centuries of spires and part centuries of intrigue. Its labyrinth of cobbled lanes, hidden within winding courtyards is a treasure trove of delight; a sight any wandered would love to explore.
Every corner of the city is adorned with stunning architecture of great historical significance. Even in the small Old Town Square precinct, one can find ancient chapels; old-school bars unexpected gardens, cafes and amazing restaurants. The Czech capital is home to so many extravagant work of art that rivals the likes of London and Paris`s collections.
Home of Pilsner, there is plenty of stuff to try. So if you are preparing to book discounted flight tickets to Prague from your city, do it, because from local brews to the world`s finest architecture here are few places that will give you a Praguelust:
Prague Castle
Once a seat of the Austrian Empire, this visually stunning hilltop fortress is now, the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site is fully open to explore. Perched atop the hilltop, this amazing site offers endless attractions. Featuring numerous palaces, churches, magical alleyways and really impressive ornamental gardens, Prague Castle is a visual delight to your eyes.

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St Vitus Cathedral
This stunning cathedral of mammoth size took around 600 years to be built. So while you are busy exploring all other attractions of the city, make sure you take out couple of hours to admire the grandiosity of St Vitus Cathedral. Apart from the stunning stained-glass windows, marvel at the crypts of Bohemia`s early Roman emperors along with its incredibly carved stone nave. If you want to book discounted flight tickets, start planning months before.

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Old Town Square
Standing testimony to the rise and fall of various empires, the Old Town Square is the place where all the magic happens, since medieval times. Although the attractions are few, but the place itself is a charming site to behold. Visit the towers of the Church of Our Lady Before Týn and the spectacular Astronomical Clock.

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The Klementinum Library
Although the idea of visiting a library while holidaying in Prague might astonish plenty of people, but the Klementinum Library is worth the visit. The library is considered to be the most beautiful in this world and we are bound to agree with it. A prime example of classical baroque, the library first opened its doors in 1722 as part of a Jesuit university and is home to a classic collection of 20,000 books.

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Discover the wealth of Bohemian canvases that offer a snapshot of the glowing gothic masterpieces of its citizens. To book discounted flight tickets, visit flightsnfare.co.uk.  


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