4 Destinations That Must Feature On Every Photographer`s Travel Bucket List!

“Pictures speak louder than words”, is a catch phrase that has stood the test of time. Images can tell stories that even words can`t comprehend. This is why our Instagram feed or Facebook are full of stunning vistas and gorgeous beaches.
Thus if you are looking to travel to places that are incredibly beautiful, the world will not disappoint you. Now as we know it is difficult to go on a world tour, we have found some of the best destinations that will offer you perfect landscapes to click. With that, we bring you 5 incredible destinations that must be on a travelling photographer`s bucket list:
Cinque Terre, Italy
La Cinque Terre which translates to “The Five Islands” is one of the most spellbinding spots in Italy. With tiny little cottages outlining the shore, it looks quite amazing with azure water sparkling. If the only aim of your travelling is taking awesome pictures, the village of Vernazza is the place to be. Often recommended by veteran photographers, the best time to click amazing pictures is during the sunset. Try to spend at least a week here, since there are so many gorgeous spots to explore. To get cheap flights to Italy, start planning early.

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Patagonia, Argentina
Capture the nature at its icy best at Patagonia. The wild, untamed beauty of Patagonia begs to be explored and then re-explored. From scintillating summits that kiss the heaven to massive glaciers towering over the eternal ice fields, there are lots of things to explore and to shot with your camera. Lakes that reflect the tangerine hues of the evening sun and the vast massifs studded with condors, penguins, and guancos will give you million-dollar view. To get cheap flights to Argentina, make sure you book six weeks before.

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Meteora, Greece
Home to six ancient monasteries perched upon gigantic sandstone spires, Meteora mean “suspended in air”. Standing true to its name, this place looks heavenly, seemingly almost unreal. Meteora is one of the remotest places that can make anyone fall in love with its exceptional beauty. To click perfect pictures, make sure you pick suitable times in the mornings and evenings as the lighting undergoes a spectacular metamorphosis. Do not forget to bring a good camera. Get cheapflights to Greece from our website.

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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Thanks to the Hollywood`s movie “Lord of the Rings”, the New Zealand`s popularity has been on the rise since then. Head towards the beautiful Lake Tekapo to have an amazing stargazing experience you could ever ask for. The entire lake area is reserved for the stargazers, with good reason. To get cheap flights to New Zealand, book now!

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To capture amazing pictures, visit any of these places that we have mentioned above. To get cheap flights, visit www.flightsnfare.co.uk.


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