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4 Best Running Promenades Of Izmir, Turkey

For some vacation means tasting every single dish of the place they are visiting, relaxing on a beach with drinks on repeat and gorging on the dessert before going to bed. But for those who just can`t stay away from their fitness regime even for a day, the idea might sound like a nightmare.
But not all the places provide enough opportunities to get indulged in some kind of physical activities like Turkey. Some places might turn out to be terribly cold while some will greet you with a maximum temperature that might match the boiling point of water. But with 80 days of rain per year, Izmir is a paradise for fitness enthusiasts.
One can gaze over the Aegean while running and can admire the view when doing planks. If you are a fitness freak and can`t stand the thought of not staying stick to your workout routine, leave that frown behind and book your tickets from London to Izmir. Here are some of the best places where you can go for jogging in Izmir:
1.Kordon- Izmir`s most famous promen…

Relish These 3 Romantic Experience On Your Turkey Honeymoon

Turkey. Yes, we are talking about the place and not the bird. If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon destination, nothing can beat Turkey. Striking a melodious cord between the European and Asian side, it is a land of breathtaking landscapes, busy markets, bustling streets, glorious attractions, exotic baths and beautiful mosques can guarantee a memorable start to your happy married life. The country is full of places that are as fascinating as the Ottoman architecture you will find. Also you can easily book cheap flight tickets toTurkey from Londonwith world class airlines. If you want to do something outstanding to give a kick-start to your married life, do not miss out on indulging in these 10 most romantic experiences in Turkey:
Talk a stroll through the attractive streets of Antalya For those who would like to spend some time with each other, taking a walk through the colorful streets of Antalya can prove therapeutic. Antalya is one of the best places in Turkey and no visit …

7 Unmissable Attractions In Istanbul

When talking about Istanbul, the infamous Hagia Sophia comes to our mind. The city that weaves the European and Asian culture in the most melodious way across the Bosphorus Strait is home to world famous sights such as Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace.

Most of the travelers visiting the city are only aware of the places that are popular. What they aren`t aware of is the fact that the city is dotted with various places that shouldn`t be missed. Also with direct flights toIstanbul from Heathrow, the city is more accessible than ever before. Thus here is a list of all the stunning places, which are not as famous as their counterparts but definitely worth a visit: 1.Chora Church- The church is famous for its Byzantine frescoes that are admirable. The mosaics that depict the life of Jesus Christ are stunning. The interiors of the church-turned-museum are brilliantly preserved despite the church was built around 4th century.

2.Dolmabahce Palace- Due to its location near by the B…

6 Stunning Historical Sites To Leave You Smitten In Bursa, Turkey

When it comes to choices for the visitors, Turkey offers large number of cities and places to explore. One of the largest cities in Turkey, Bursa is located in the northwest on the foothills of Mount Uludag near the Sea of Marmara. Known for it incredibly built Mosques and historical sites, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bursa has tons of places to explore. From best-preserved Ottoman-era houses to stunning imperial Mosques with spectacular views, the iconic architecture will make you hop on to London to Turkeyflights. Check out our list of Bursa`s best sites: 1.Yesil Cami – Exquisite and completely different from the architectures that are built in the previous era and had their roots in the Seljuk aesthetic, Yesil Cami was built between 1412 and 1419 for Mehmet I. The structure is named after its green tiles that are used to build interiors and looks majestic with intricate carved marble and calligraphy.

2.Muradiye Complex – One of the mo…

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3 Things That Will Guarantee You Have A Memorable Time In Larnaca

Summary- With sun shining throughout the year, beaches worth admiring and locals who will woo you with their hospitality, Larnaca is an amazing destination. Read on to know why it should you next holiday spot. Being a beautiful town that it is, Larnaca is a wonder town making every tourist fall in love with its undeniable and irresistible charm. Located on the south of Cyprus, this port city showcases a mesmerizing display of both cosmopolitan hum of modernity and the peaceful hush of a Mediterranean Island.

Wander around ancient ruins or hop on a banana boat, whatever catches your fancy, the port city and its neighboring towns will definitely leave you in awe. So why not fly directly from London to Larnaca to spend your summer holidays in great style? With most of the airlines offering fabulous deals on airfares, you can surely crack a deal to hop on to cheapest flights.
Just to make sure that you end up making the most of your time here, we have prepared a list of all the essenti…

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6 Amazing Cities Of Turkey That Are Famous For Their Unusual Beauty

Summary: Thinking about going to Turkey? A country with such a vast landscape has plethora of amazing sites that are worth exploring. To know about them, continue reading!

Ancient cities, secluded beaches, alpine pastures and cosmopolitan cities are all a part of Turkey`s beautiful culture where panoramic landscapes, ancient history and tradition express its beauty individually. The country offers an amazing fusion of all the factors to its tourists who simply relish and devour every sip that they consume. With excellent transport system and easy connectivity, there are many world class airlines who offer cheap flight tickets to Turkeyfrom Londonas there are regular flights connecting the two worlds.
With a long list of splendid places that are worth exploring and number of connecting flights, Turkey is the next destination on every traveler`s list. Check out some of the best places that everyone must visit in this wonderland:
1.ISTANBUL With its world famous historic sights, Istanbu…

Do last minute flights get cheaper?

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4 Most Awe-Inspiring Locations To Watch The Sunset In Tenerife

A sunset can inspire the hidden poets inside many hearts’, and what can be better place to enjoy a sunset when you are in a spectacular location like Tenerife. The place offers plenty of places from where you can do nothing but admire God`s one of the most beautiful creations gifted to humans. Although there are many locations from where you can soak up the psychedelic colors of the sun, not every place is a perfect podium to do so.
There are many elevated points from where you can experience the magical sunset from above a sea of clouds. So whether you want to spend all your evening gazing at the sunset with a glass of cocktail in hand or want to hike to a romantic volcanic location, we have got you covered. All you have to do is book your flights toTenerife from Londonto enjoy the most awe-inspiring sunsets of your life:
Benijo Beach An extremely magical place to enjoy the colorful sunset with views of Roques de Anaga, Benijo beach offers views to die for. The journey to this remot…

3 Places Where You Can Enjoy The Panoramic Views Of Istanbul

Istanbul is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has various mosques, palaces and other archaeological sites that make the city even more beautiful. The city can get quiet busy, bustling with over excited tourists and indomitably high energy.
For the introvert travelers the city has many hidden spots to offer while for the extroverts, the entire city is a playground. With city`s very own functional airport and with almost every popular airlines offering flights to Istanbul from Heathrow and London Istanbul non-stop flightsthe city has become quite a hottest tourist destination.

With an iconic cityscape adorned with immaculately constructed palaces, stunning historic mosques and the sprawling surface of Bosphorus, the city has lot to offer to its admirers. Check out some of the best places from where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city:
1.GALATA TOWER- Want to enjoy a stunning view of the city? Then climb to the top of the Galata Tower which is centr…

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