6 Stunning Historical Sites To Leave You Smitten In Bursa, Turkey

When it comes to choices for the visitors, Turkey offers large number of cities and places to explore. One of the largest cities in Turkey, Bursa is located in the northwest on the foothills of Mount Uludag near the Sea of Marmara. Known for it incredibly built Mosques and historical sites, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bursa has tons of places to explore.
From best-preserved Ottoman-era houses to stunning imperial Mosques with spectacular views, the iconic architecture will make you hop on to London to Turkey flights. Check out our list of Bursa`s best sites:
1.       Yesil Cami – Exquisite and completely different from the architectures that are built in the previous era and had their roots in the Seljuk aesthetic, Yesil Cami was built between 1412 and 1419 for Mehmet I. The structure is named after its green tiles that are used to build interiors and looks majestic with intricate carved marble and calligraphy.

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2.       Muradiye Complex – One of the most peaceful area to wander about, Muradiye complex is a must visit. The complex has a park and historic cemetery along with the Sultan Murat II Mosque that was built in 1426. The Mosque is bedecked with intricate carvings that are similar to Yasil Cami. You can book a flight from London to Turkey to reach Bursa.

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3.       Ulu Cami- Ulu Cami is the largest and the most valuable historic structure of Bursa. The structure boasts of impressive wooden carvings that are ornamented with calligraphy. Built in 1399 in a Seljuk style, the mosque has two huge minarets and has 20 small domes.

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4.       Koza Han- Built in the 15th century, Koza Han is a historic caravanserai which was commissioned by Bayezid II. Once famous for the sale of silk cocoons, the structure got its name from cocoon. During 15th century, the rooms made downstairs were used to store the goods, while the rooms built upstairs were accommodated to the merchants to spend the night before they made their way back to work.

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5.       Uludag- No visit to Bursa will be complete without the mention of Uludag which is one of the Turkey`s most famous mountains and ski resorts. During winter, locals and visitors come together to do their skiing.
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6.        Irgandi Koprusu – Built in 1422, during the reign of Murat II, the Irgandi Bridge is quiet a site to behold. A single arch bridge looks spectacular after renovation with a bazaar on top. The bright yellow color complements the structure and its surroundings making it a stunning place to visit.

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