7 Unmissable Attractions In Istanbul

When talking about Istanbul, the infamous Hagia Sophia comes to our mind. The city that weaves the European and Asian culture in the most melodious way across the Bosphorus Strait is home to world famous sights such as Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace.

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Most of the travelers visiting the city are only aware of the places that are popular. What they aren`t aware of is the fact that the city is dotted with various places that shouldn`t be missed. Also with direct flights toIstanbul from Heathrow, the city is more accessible than ever before. Thus here is a list of all the stunning places, which are not as famous as their counterparts but definitely worth a visit:
1.       Chora Church- The church is famous for its Byzantine frescoes that are admirable. The mosaics that depict the life of Jesus Christ are stunning. The interiors of the church-turned-museum are brilliantly preserved despite the church was built around 4th century.

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2.       Dolmabahce Palace- Due to its location near by the Bosphorus, Sultan Adbulmejid I decided to move the court here. With its European style of architecture and elegant décor done in the most opulent way, the Sultan moved out of Topkapi Palace after inhabiting it for 400 years.

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3.       Fatih Mosque- Named after the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, this stunning architecture was built in 1463 after the Sultan captured Constantinople in 1453. The mosque was rebuilt in 1771 after a major earthquake partially destroyed the building; the structure also had a school of traditional Islamic sciences, established by Ali Qushii who was a Persian astronomer.

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4.       Theotokos Pammakaristos- A real gem was quite a discovery, as this Byzantine church in Istanbul has the third-largest amount of fascinating Byzantine mosaics and frescoes after the Chora Church and Hagia Sophia. The Church will leave you absolutely speechless with its elegant built, thus book yourself for flights to Istanbul from Heathrow to visit this place.  

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5.       Phanar Greek Orthodox College- It may look like a red castle erecting above the neighborhood of Balat and Fener but the Phanar Greek Orthodox College is quite a sight to behold. The college still has few students and transporting you back in the time when the neighborhood was inhabited by the wealthy Greek Orthodox families of Istanbul.

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6.       Kalendarhane Mosque- Originally built as Eastern Orthodox Church that was later converted into a mosque. The mosque has stunning interiors made from red brick stands out of the crowd. Although mosque is not-so-famous in Istanbul, it is still worth a visit.

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7.       Beylerbeyi Palace- The palace which is located on the Asian side is often given amiss due to its location, but the Beylerbeyi Palace with its embellished architecture, opulent interiors, lavish décor and beautifully manicured gardens should not be overlooked. Once served the leisure of the Ottoman sultans, this palace exudes elegance.

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Due to its excellent transport system and connectivity with all the major destinations, reaching Istanbul has become easier. You can simply book flights to Istanbul from Heathrow as there are many airlines that offer non-stop flights. If you want to fly cheaper, visit our website flightsnfare.co.uk, now!


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