4 Best Running Promenades Of Izmir, Turkey

For some vacation means tasting every single dish of the place they are visiting, relaxing on a beach with drinks on repeat and gorging on the dessert before going to bed. But for those who just can`t stay away from their fitness regime even for a day, the idea might sound like a nightmare.

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But not all the places provide enough opportunities to get indulged in some kind of physical activities like Turkey. Some places might turn out to be terribly cold while some will greet you with a maximum temperature that might match the boiling point of water. But with 80 days of rain per year, Izmir is a paradise for fitness enthusiasts.

One can gaze over the Aegean while running and can admire the view when doing planks. If you are a fitness freak and can`t stand the thought of not staying stick to your workout routine, leave that frown behind and book your tickets from London to Izmir. Here are some of the best places where you can go for jogging in Izmir:

1.       Kordon-  Izmir`s most famous promenade is not only popular for its spectacular but also due to the great jogging and running path which is 5-6km long. Starting from the Konak pier you can run all the way to Alsancak train station where you can enjoy the idyllic sea view. That is not all! You can also see some of the city`s iconic landmarks on the way.

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2.       Karsiyaka Waterfront- If you want to run without having anything to disturb your momentum, Karsiyaka is an ideal path. Karsiyaka is the second promenade which is located in the neighborhood of Kordon. You can spot lot of people walking and running across the promenade. From Mavisehir waterfront to the Karsiyaka port, the path is set entirely by the sea without any vehicle. With so many places to run, there is no way you will put on weight. So book a flight from London to Izmir at the earliest.

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3.       Inciralti Kent Ormani- If you love to enjoy the morning breeze and peaceful time while running, go to Inciralti Ken Ormani. It may be a city park but it is quite green, lush and offers a serene surroundings. Walking, running, biking or meditating beneath the trees with sounds of waves crashing nearby is a pretty amazing experience. After burning calories, you can walk to the beach to collect some seashells in this unique park.

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4.       Guzelyali Waterfront- One more neighborhood in Turkey, that has its own waterfront with a promenade where people like to go for stroll, run, jog or ride their bikes. You can also find lots of people indulge in fishing as you run past the beautiful Aegean.

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From great waterfronts promenades where the gentle sea kisses the city, to city parks, Izmir offers you plenty of places to remain follow your fitness regime. Thus you can book yourself on direct flights from London to Izmir without having an iota of doubt. If you are looking for some cheap flights, visit our website flightsnfare.co.uk.


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