Head to These 5 European Destinations That Are Best Spots to Party Harder In 2018

Planning for a trip with your friends? Well, who doesn`t want to take a break from their tedious work-life and boring routine? If you too are in a mood to party with your friends then you will be glad to read this article until its end. Because our comprehensive guide will exactly tell you about the places that have amazing nightlife, cheap beer, crazy sports and fun packed activities.
So if pubs, booze and international vacation are on your mind, then go through the list of the places which is apt for those who are looking for some serious fun:

1.       LISBON- Lisbon is Portugal`s answer to Spain`s Barcelona! With a pleasant weather, fun bars and cheap prices, you can expect everything from Lisbon that you want from a Mediterranean break. Take a stroll across the ‘Time Out’ market to get a local flavor while if you are looking forward to have a crazy nightlife then a visit to Cais do Sodre is a must. You can also book discount flighttickets if you book early.

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2.       RIGA- Say hello to laughter when in Riga! The accommodation is affordable and you can find yourself a good stay if you are on a budget spree. Also you can enjoy beer for a Euro in many of the local bars. The city not only offers you amazing architectural spots, but it also has hip cafes, museums, art galleries and numerous concept stores to keep you busy during the day.

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3.       PRAGUE- Prague in Czech Republic is perfect for those who want to chill and enjoy cheap booze. Prague is home to some of the best and the cheapest beer in Europe, which simply means you, can hang around the city and enjoy affordable drinks. From traditional Pilsner Urquell to microbreweries, you can get multiple options. To get the hang of Prague`s local life, a visit to Czech hospoda is a must. Look for the lowest airfares and book discount flight tickets if you are travelling in a group.

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4.       BARCELONA- The party capital of the world –Spain, is a timeless classic. Barcelona in particular offers the best of both worlds, courtesy to its gorgeous beaches and bustling cosmopolitan city life. Although the prices are not the cheaper, but you can still save considerable amount of money as it is still cheaper as compared to London or Paris. Barcelona can give you the most exotic nightlife experience. So book flight tickets to Barcelona, now!

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5.       BERLIN- Berlin`s nightclub scene is perfect for those who love late night parties and are looking for an unforgettable experience. Berghain which is one of the famous night clubs in Berlin can definitely give you and your friends a truly memorable time if only you are lucky to get in. The club has one of the toughest entrance policies which make it difficult for the people to get in.

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If you and your friends are looking to have some fun in Europe, then pack your bags and visit to one of the above mentioned cities in Europe and you won`t be disappointed. To book discounted flight tickets visit flightsnfare.co.uk.  


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