6 Reasons Why Tenerife Gives Every Traveler Their Next Destination Goals

Summary- While most of the visitors to the Canaries will hardly venture beyond the beach, Tenerife is more than its sprawling beaches. From spectacular trekking to Michelin-starred dining, read on to know more about the island.
Canary Islands are the new rage with avid travelers. With rugged volcanic terrain, spectacular beaches and a lively nightlife it is no wonder that the islands are the latest rage among the travelers. Also the archipelago is blessed with endless days of shine, which means you can take flights to Tenerifefrom London anytime of the year.
Here are few reasons why should everyone visit the island at least once in a lifetime:
1.       ETERNAL SPRING- With temperature amazingly minimum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius in January and 25 degrees in August, Tenerife is known as the island of the Eternal Spring. The island receives very less rainfall and blooms under the sunshine for 300 years over a year. The weather can be different between north and south of the island. The northern part of the island tends to be a little colder and wetter due to lush vegetation. While the southern part remains hot and dry due the winds flowing from Sahara.

2.       LOS GIGANTES CLIFFS- Home to plenty of secluded resorts, Los Gigantes Cliffs for part of the west region and is one of the most spectacular natural attractions on the island. The resorts have black volcanic sand beaches with steep formations as high as 800 meters with numerous secluded rocky coves.

3.       WHALE & DOLPHIN WATCHING- The clear seas surrounding Tenerife is home to more than 30 different species of aquatic animals which can be seen from the boat tours that depart from either Los Cristianos or Los Gigantes.

4.       WATER PARKS- Tenerife has got its latest and biggest theme park –Siam Park. This new attraction has gained enormous popularity with tourists. An ideal place for family vacation, it is best visited during the months of summer.

5.       MASCA VALLEY HIKES- Masca trail is one of the most famous hikes in the world. The valley derived its name after a tiny village in northwestern Tenerife; the trail begins at the village and continues up to rocky beach below.

6.       SPECTACULAR STAR GAZING- Located in the middle of the Sahara and the Atlantic, Tenerife is a spectacular site for star gazing due to its lack of light pollution, clean air, high altitudes and clear night skies.  The island was declared as Starlight Tourist Destination offering opportunities to stare at the night skies.

The island can be reached easily by anyone as there are regular flights from London to Tenerife south airport. With frequent flight services, you can book cheapest flightto Tenerife from London 


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