5 Quintessential Turkish Dishes You Must Try

Turkey rewards everyone who visits the country. Sometimes by exhibiting the iconic landmarks and historical places that are well preserved and sometimes by offering cuisine rewards complemented with time-honed flavors. When you are in Turkey you can have mouthful of some of the most delicious and tastiest street foods in Mediterranean.

So if not the architecture, these unique street cuisines will definitely compel you to book flight tickets to Turkey from London. Here are 10 Turkish dishes that you must try:

Menemen- If you think you have tasted eggs in all its form, well then get ready to be disappointed. Menemen is a special dish of Turkey that lays somewhere between a vegetable stew and scrambled eggs with added tomatoes, peppers and onions that are cooked down to a savory broth. The dish is made then by whisking eggs in and fried with the simmering tomato juice to form the lip-smacking breakfast staple.   

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Dolma- ‘Dolma’ is an Anatolian cuisine which means “stuffed”, but you will be amazed to find infinite possibilities when it comes to stuffing. Dolma is made by using the rice-based mixture of pine nuts, spices and even small dried fruits to stuff veggies such as flavorful peppers or zucchinis. You can find a variety of Dolma in the downtown Istanbul that features midye dolma or stuffed mussels that are devoured by everyone.

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Lentil Soup- Mercimek Corbasi or Lentil Soup is a common staple food in Turkish cuisine. A simple puree of Lentils and spices that is garnished with cilantro is served by squeezing the juice of freshly cut lemon slice. The soup can be garnished by a variety of other variants as well such as Tursu or pickled vegetables. The soup is generally served with pita bread and is considered the most inexpensive and heart filling dish you will ever find in any part of the world. So visit the country by booking your flight tickets to Turkey from London on time. 

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Lahmacun- Often mistaken and mentioned on the menu as Turkish Pizza, Lahmacun is a savory pie rolled out flat, topped with any variety of minced meat and added seasoning. The best thing about it is that Lahmacun is always freshly baked and often consumed in twos or threes as a meal on its own. To give authentic flavors onions and cilantro is added. More creative varieties are spiced with the addition of ground nuts or sour pomegranate syrup.

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Borek- Borek is a pastry which is both sweet and savory. Borek is found in different shapes and sizes courtesy to diverse geographical distribution which is propagated by the Ottoman Empire. Some are named after cigars while the other bears the namesake of roses and arms, determining its shape and its folded patterns.

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We are sure that our list must have tickled your taste buds with mouth-watering dishes of Turkey. But that is not all! Visit the country to relish on its diverse food culture and traditional dishes. To book cheap flight tickets to Turkey fromLondon you can visit our website flightsnfare.co.uk.


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