5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holidays In Turkey And Nowhere Else

Sometimes all we need is a vacation to feel alive again! Having caught in a monotonous routine, our mind would like to escape from the humdrum of the city life while our soul would like connect with our body without the buzz of social media.
But sometimes choosing a destination becomes is not an easy task. You might want to chill at a beach one moment while the second moment you would like to visit historical places of some other civilization and it`s quite rare that you find a place like Turkey, where you can find everything you are looking for.
With so many airlines offering cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London should also be a reason why should you travel to this amazing country. From beaches to stunning landmarks and scintillating historical places, you can find everything and anything when here. So brace yourself as we unleash the great things in store:
1.       Kabak Bay – For the beach lovers and surfers, the tranquil Kabak Bay is your key to great escape. Hire a taxi to reach this absolute beauty which is located near Fathiye. For the adventure seekers, you can always opt for a day hike.

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2.       Butterfly Valley- If your idea of a perfect holiday involves you lazing around on a hammock with your favorite book while sipping a cool and chilled drink, then welcome to the Butterfly Valley that will unleash the inner Bohemian resting inside you. Activities like campfire and music at the Rock Bar will definitely keep your entertained.

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3.       Patara- Ever thought about watching sunset and moonrise at the same time from the top of a dune? Well, you can have this truly enchanting experience at the Turkey`s longest beach –Patara. The beach is extended infinitely where you can see the sky touching down the ocean. You can hire a sunbed and lie down to gaze at the calm ocean till your heart`s content.

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4.       Princes` Island- One of the popular tourist attractions in Turkey, Princes` Island is an ideal place for people who are seeking peace, isolation and serendipity. You will find hand-drawn carts and bicycles available here instead of automobiles that ensures only the sound of nature reaches your ears. An experience, so amazing, must not be missed. So book flighttickets to Turkey from London now!

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5.       Cappadocia- Sometimes nature can create the most astounding places accidently. Cappadocia is the result of a volcanic eruption. Famous for its ‘fairy chimneys’, Cappadocia is a place straight-out-of-a-fairytale-book. Other attractions are Bronze Age homes that are beautifully carved into valley walls by troglodytes.

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Turkey is a country that offers both European as well as Asian sides for its visitors to explore. The key tourist attractions in Turkey cater to people with various interests. Spend you summers in Turkey by booking cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London by visiting our website flightsnfare.co.uk.


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