The Best of Scandinavian Places You Must Visit This Spring

After a bitter winter in which the Scandinavia rattles with Arctic winds, the region welcomes the spring with open arms and hearts. The spring ushers in almost unrecognizable transformation to archipelagos, peninsulas, towns and many cities of the north.
So if you are scrolling past through the beautiful pictures of Scandinavia, our guide will suggest you the best destinations to visit during spring. The region begins to be less crowded from April through June and due to lowairfares most of the people bookdiscount flight tickets for the places they would like to travel to in summer. Scandinavia has something for everyone and whether you are a first time visitor or someone who has already been here but can`t get enough of the Scandinavian love here is a list of places that you must visit during the spring:

1.       AARHUS- Aarhus is the second largest city of Denmark, an urban island and surrounded by the verdant forests that includes Hestehaven, Marselisborg, Havreballe and Kirkeskoven where you can simply visit and explore bloom-covered landscapes and watch wildlife closely. The city is also home to Denmark`s second largest university and therefore has a vibrant art culture. You can also visit ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and Moesgaard Museum.

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2.       TORSHAVN, FAROE ISLANDS- Named after the god of Norse mythology, the capital of Danish Territory translates to ‘Thor`s Harbor’. For those looking for an escape from the urban life, Torshavn is a perfect place. With Husareyn mountain in the north and Kirkjubøreyn to the southwest, it is a spectacular place from which one can explore the region`s coastal treasures.

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3.       HARDANGER- Ever experienced the wilderness? Well, if you haven`t, you can now! From traversing the glaciers to kayaking across the pretty fjords with steep cliffs guarding both the sides, you can explore the expansive wilderness of Hardanger. For the art lovers, there is Kabuso Art Center that hosts contemporary exhibitions and concerts through the season of spring.  

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4.       GOTLAND- This Swedish island of Gotland is popular for its free-sanding sea columns. These spectacular geological relics are a world heritage site and attract visitors from all around the globe. Offering some of the best views across the Baltic Sea, you can have a perfect beach vacation with your family and loved ones on some of the whitest and softest sand under your feet. Book your discount flight tickets from London toSweden from

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5.       UPPSALA- One the power house of the ruling Swedish kings, Uppsala which is located close to Stockholm is also a ceremonial site across Europe. One of the most charming and relaxing places in Scandinavia; Uppsala is surrounded by countryside offering complete tranquility. Take a stroll along the Fyrisan River or admire the incredibly built 13th-century cathedral.

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Enjoy the unique experiences that you can only have during the season of spring while exploring these amazing destinations. Book your discount flighttickets from London to Sweden now. Visit today.


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