These 5 Street Markets In Antalya Are Heaven For Shopaholics

Unanimously admired for its historical sights and stunning beaches, Antalya is much more than a summer resort town. The city is vast and has vibrant street markets and bazaars that offer an interesting way to not only mingle with locals but also to shop like them. Also with leading airlines offering directflights to Antalya from UK, the city has become a heartthrob of every traveler visiting Turkey.
 The market is a treat for those who love to shop. So if you want to buy some souvenirs for your friends and loved ones back home, here is a list of top markets, where you can find some amazing things:
When you feel like treating yourself with some retail therapy in Antalya, Kaleici is the go-to place. Located in old district of Antalya, you will have to walk the cobblestone streets to move past the many beautiful Ottoman style timber houses to reach the market. The market has hundreds of shops in which you may find some of the best wares that the city has to offer. You may also find clothing, jewelry, antiques, local souvenirs and carpets that are available around the main shopping streets of Ataturk, Gulluk and Cumhuriyet. 

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Although Antalya has various traditional outdoor markets in its neighborhood but Caglayan is one of the biggest indoor markets in the neighborhood. Here you can find fresh local produce and amazing selection of vegetables and fruits, spices, nuts, fish and olive varieties that have been brought in from the nearby villages. The bazaar is also an ideal place to observe the mundane life of locals.

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If you are looking to check out some local and international brands in Antalya then go to Kaleici Marina. Overlooking the sea, the market offers spectacular views of the sea as well as equipment of diving or water sports. When you get tired of walking, pull a chair and sit back to relax and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many cafes and restaurants that are lining the shoreline.

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Head over to this ancient, beautiful and covered bazaar that belongs to 15th century for a more historic experience. Located in the north of Antalya`s town, Kaleici, you can find striking handmade souvenirs, copper workshops, jewelers and metalwork craftsmen as well as the merchant selling luscious textiles, spices and Iznik style tiles.

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Lara Street Market
If you have got skills of bargaining, then welcome to Antalya`s biggest street bazaar Lara Street Market. The market is open on every Saturday and the locals gather here under the sun to do their bulk buying, You can some of the most astounding jewelry pieces, bags, accessories, clothing and souvenirs along with local produce, ready-made foods and herbs. Visit this market even if you do not want to buy anything. You can interact with the locals to get a better understanding of Turkish culture.

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So save some extra money, as these markets will offer you irresistible deals and products that wouldn`t be able to refuse. To get direct flights toAntalya from UK you can get amazing deals only at Book your tickets now!


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