6 Places You Definitely See Before You leave Turkey

Turkey is amazing. A lot of travel bloggers and adventure enthusiasts are travelling here to explore this two faced beauty. Saddling the two complete opposite sides of the culture in a perfect communion, this country can make even the person with a rock heart fall in love with its innocence and diverse culture. It`s spell bounding charm will make you book the next London to Turkeyflights to travel here.
From Ephesus to Hagia Sophia and many grand bazaars, you can visit plenty of sights to experience the true vibe of this country. But if you thought that is all the country has to offer to its admirers, think again. The city has plenty of gems that are scattered all over the country in a most benevolent way. From natural wonders to ancient cities, here is a list of places and landmarks that you must visit before leaving Turkey:
1.       Aphrodisias- Added recently to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017, this small Greek city is still unknown to many people. Aphrodisias is a small ancient Greek city, located near the village of Geyre and which derived its name from Aphrodite who was the goddess of love.

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Sirince- An absolutely stunning place, Sirince is a small village which is located about an hour distance from Izmir. The place was initially inhabited by the Greeks therefore you can find alluring cobblestone roads, old houses, decorated wooden doors and nature in abundance.

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3.       Hasankeyf- The historic town of Hasankeyf which has various stunning ancient caves, historic bridge and immaculately constructed mosques is definitely worth a visit. Especially when it is going to submerge underwater due to an upcoming dam project. It is a completely essential site that must be seen before its disappearance.
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4.       Lake Egirdir- A destination is although located on the famous 500 km St Paul trake, but Lake Egirdir is still a hidden treasure for many. A perfect summer retreat, visit here if you are looking for nothing but isolation. Here only the mountains, sky and green vegetation will be your companions. Do not forget to check out Greek-Romans ruins of Sagalassos and Antioch while you are in the area.

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5.       Ani- Once the blooming capital of Bagratid Armenian kingdom, the remains of the ancient city of Ani is a beautiful discovery. The city is completely abandoned in the valley of deep canyons and impending hills. You can find the dilapidated cathedrals, citadels and churches that still look mysteriously charming.

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6.       Lake Van- A true natural beauty, Lake Van is the largest lake of Turkey. The lake is most famous for Akdamar Island where you can find Holy Cross Cathedral dating back to 10th century still standing overlooking the saline soda lake.

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These sites in Turkey are undoubtedly gorgeous. Therefore exploring these places is mandatory for anyone who wants to discover the country in true sense. Thus, book your London to Turkey flights from our website flightsnfare.co.uk with low airfares.


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