5 Places in Greece That You Must See Before They Get Expensive

If you are a frequent traveler and feel you have seen it all in Greece, think again! Sunny days, pristine beaches, economical choices and of course an array of UNESCO-listed monuments are some of the few reasons why the country is an attractive destination for avid travelers.
Apart from the natural trove that the country is there are number of airlines companies that have increased flight routes to lesser known places within Greece. Thus, if you love travelling show some smartness and book your flights tickets from London at Lowest Fare to visit these places before they become as popular as Santorini and Mykonos:

1.       LESVOS- Also known as Mytilini, Lesvos is a verdant green island located in the northern Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. The island has kept its natural beauty and charm intact because of lack of tourist activities. The island is a natural playground for hikers, beach and nature lovers, and cycling enthusiasts. The list doesn’t end here; you can find some of the most delicious meals and spectacular landscapes here.

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2.       TINOS- A charming island that was once overshadowed by its famous neighbor Mykonos is now a famous tourist destination. Once popular as a pilgrimage destination for the Church of the Virgin Mary, now the island is witnessing a bump in population. Getting accolades for its pristine beaches and beautiful whitewashed villages, once you are here, you will understand what makes it so popular. The island is also home to various festivals, dedicated to world music and jazz that is worth discovering.

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3.       KAVALA- An increase in regular flights from several European airports to Kavala, the town has finally found its position on the map, globally. You can now easily book your flights tickets from London to Kavala and explore this spectacular destination in Greece. Dotted with various monuments, the place is an absolute nirvana for those who want to experience a laid-back holiday. From the ancient city of Philippi to the 16th century Byzantine fortification, there are lots of places that are waiting to be discovered.

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4.       SKIATHOS- This verdant island is breathtakingly beautiful and exudes a relaxed vibe that has begun to attract tourists from all over the world. Its stunning beaches and quaint villages make Skiathos a popular destination. The town also has a dynamic nightlife and offers plenty of sights to visit. The island is conveniently located a ferry ride away from its sister islands Alonissos and Skopelos.

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5.       IKARIA- According to the New York Times, Ikaria is an island where people forget to die! Famous for its thermal springs, the island also boasts a rich mythological past and majestic nature. Its traditional feast that happens on every August 15 brings locals as well as foreigners to the island making it an alternative summer destination. Book early to get cheap flights tickets from London.

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Can`t wait to visit these heavenly places? Well we will recommend you to book your flights tickets fromLondon early to get lowest airfare. To get huge discounts on air-tickets, visit us at flightsnfare.co.uk.


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