4 Hidden Churches Of Istanbul That You Must Visit

Turkey`s historic, cultural and economic capital is also the most populous city of the country which also has a vibrant multi-cultural past. There is plethora of architectural reminiscent standing proudly that belong to Istanbul`s religious and ethnic minorities, which date back to the Ottoman Empire.
Despite the city being more tolerant towards other religions and homogenized, the Jewish, Greek Orthodox and Armenian religious edifices stand as a gentle reminder of a more multicultural past. These structures are definitely worth a visit and if you have booked flights to Istanbul fromHeathrow, take a look at some of the most magnificent churches:
Crimean Memorial Church
Hidden behind the lush green trees standing in front, the Crimean Memorial Church is located at the end of Serdar-I Ekrem Street in Galata. Popularly known as the Christ Church it was constructed in between 1858 to 1868 in the memory of British soldiers who participated in the Crimean War. Belonging to the Church of England, it was closed in 1978 due to lack of congregation but only to reopen in1991.When here do not forget to take a stroll across the beautiful garden for a peaceful time.

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Surp Krikor Lusavorich Church
Built in 1360, the Surp Krikor Lusavorich Church is the most significant and oldest site which is associated with the Armenian community. The Church having been subject to two fires was renovated and reopened twice in 1733 and 1799. Adjacent to church is located Getronagan which is an Armenian minority high school. Opened in 1886, the school has been operating till date, teaching mostly in Turkish but with literature courses in Armenian available.

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Church of St. Mary of the Mongols
Famed for its rose-colored exterior, the Church of St. Mary was constructed in 1282, commissioned by the Princess Maria Palaiologina who was the illegitimate daughter of Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos. After having lost her husband, the Princess returned to Constantinople and became a nun in here namesake church. The church is one of the only Byzantine churches that was not converted into a mosque.

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Aya Yorgi Monastry
Built around 1751, Aya Yorgi Monastry is located at the top most point of Buyukada. Overlooking the stunning views, the church is one of the most visited sights on the island. Thousands of pilgrims from Greece, Russia, Turkey and the Balkans assemble on April 23rd, every year from all faiths to celebrate the age-old fertility ritual. Book your flights to Istanbul from Heathrow to visit this superlative piece of architecture.

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Not only street markets and mosques, but Istanbul also has Churches with their beauty intact. Get lost in the colonial history of the city and visit Turkey. Don`t look anywhere else to book cheap flights to Istanbul fromHeathrow, visit our website flightsnfare.co.uk and get lowest airfare.  


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