4 Famous Tourist Attractions to Visit in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand`s largest city and along with that it is also a cultural hub of the North Island which is always enthralling with gamut of interesting activities. Almost a third of New Zealand`s population reside in Auckland. Settled by Maori explorers, Auckland was first discovered by British colonialists in 1840.
After years of urbanization and rapid expansion of the city, Auckland has become a melting pot for contemporary and urban life of New Zealand which is why it is worth to visit the country at least once in a lifetime. The city is easily accessible and you can also book discounted flight tickets if you search well.
Here is a list of beautiful places that makes Auckland a spectacular tourist destination:
1.       Waitemata Harbor- Famous for its crystal clear water and shimmering skyline of the city, the Auckland Waitemata Harbour provide the main sea-access to the city. The Waitemata name comes from the Maori language, which means obsidian glass. Due to its sparkling, clear water the city the harbor resembles dark volcanic glass found in the region by early-settlers. The harbor is considered one of the popular tourist attractions as it offers panoramic views.

Things to do: sailing, Boat ride and cruise lunch

2.       Rangitoto Island- The Island is one of the most scenic islands in the country which is why it is next to mandatory to add Rangitoto Island in your NZ itinerary. The island is a home to the youngest and largest 48 volcanic-cones in Auckland. The island is also famous for its mystic appearance dating back to 600 years. The legend has it that Rangitoto Island suddenly emerged from the sea. Due to frequent ferries between Auckland and Rangitoto, the island is easily accessible. Book discounted flighttickets to Auckland from flightsnfare.co.uk.     

Things to do: night kayak, Guided Sea kayaking trip and 4WD road train guided tour

3.       Mount Eden- There are very few things in life that will give you the taste of beautiful nature and Mount Eden is one of those things. Glancing at the shining skyline of one of the most influential cities in the world will make your heart jump in delight. You can enjoy 360 degrees, hypnotic view of the city from Mount Eden. The place has many cafes and restaurants, so feel free to relish on finest delicacies. Also take a tour to heritage spots to learn more about the Maori community.

Things to do: Firth Castle, Mount Eden Prison, Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design

4.       Sky Tower- Dominating the Auckland`s skyline is the iconic 328-meters-tall sky tower, standing proudly in the city. The telecommunication and observation tower is also a hub for tourists. It is one of the best tourist spots in Auckland and lures large number of tourists every year.

Things to do: Orbit 360˚, adrenaline adventure such as sky jumping, Dining in the revolving restaurant and sky walking
Auckland should be your next travel destination, as the city offers unmatched experiences. For discounted flight tickets for Auckland, book early. For lowest airfares, visit our website flightsnfare.co.uk.   


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