Pamukkale: Turkey`s Natural Rock Pools That Are Beyond Gorgeous

Summary- Turkey`s most important natural wonder is Pamukkale`s gorgeous rock pools that never cease to impress global visitors with its snow-white terraces and nearby ancient city. Here few things that you must know about it before you visit.
Nature is vast containing magnificent pools and wonders in abundance and Turkey is blessed with such natural wonders. There is no dearth of places or destination in this beautiful country that will stun you with its charm. Translating to ‘White Castle’, Turkey`s Pamukkale is an epitome of miraculous wonder of nature. It`s pristine travertine terraces and warm pools oozes gorgeous muted tones of blue that attracts hundreds of visitors monthly.
The landscape is stunning; no matter what time of the day you choose to visit it. An unbelievable example of nature`s unique creation, Pamukkale keeps changing its color throughout the day. Built from the deposits of calcium carbonate from a calcium carbonate-rich thermal spring which flows in the landscape, it is an incredible site to miss when in Turkey. Even if the country is not on your mind, you must visit Pamukkale once in your lifetime. Book non-stop London to Turkey flights and visit the spectacular rock pools waiting to be explored.
Initially the build-up remains soft but turns hard over time and then turns into a travertine. Due to this process, the visitors are advised to avoid certain areas that are still undergoing process. The area has around 17 thermal springs with temperature ranging from 35 and 100 degrees Celsius. The supersaturated Calcium Carbonate travels from its source and get deposited into the terraced landscape. After sometime the calcium carbonate beginning as a soft jelly, hardens and become a travertine.
Hellenistic Spa Town
Not only the rock pools of Pamukkale, but the nearby Hellenistic Spa Town of Hierapolis is one more reason why one should visit this particular place in Turkey. You can find and visit the remains of Hierapolis Greco-Roman baths, temples, necropolis and arch that was established at the end of the 2nd century BC. The therapeutic effects of the hot spring were exploited here through the construction of thermal installations such as swimming pools and large hot basins. But if you want to take a plunge in the bygone era, you can still take a relaxing swim in the hot mineral waters of Hierapolis to have an amazing experience.

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The Roman amphitheater which is located nearby is an instance of extraordinary architecture. The open theater can accommodate around 12,000 people in its heyday. Why not visit this place this summer? You can also get cheapest airfare for London to Turkey flights.
Best time to visit Pamukkale
Pamukkale is famous and due to its popularity the place can get a little crowded if you really want to enjoy its mesmerizing beauty. The best way to avoid the large crowd is to spend the night in the Pamukkale village and then visit the site in the early morning before people begin to arrive. The other way is to visit the place during winter which is considered to an off season. Visiting the place during winter obviously eliminates your chances to take a dip in the pool, but it’s a great way to avoid tourists and explore the place. Either way, this UNESCO World Heritage Site of Turkey is worth giving a visit.

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