How To Spend 48 Hours In Izmir

When visiting Izmir, two days might not be enough to visit everything in its precinct but these 48 hours can give you the most unique experience through its popular tourist destinations. From crowded bazaars to historical architecture, we have compiled a balanced full two-day itinerary for you. All you have to do is book your London to Izmir flights and read out this guide carefully:
1.       Take a walk down at Kordon
Kordon is Izmir`s famous promenade that stretched up across Aegean coast for approximately 5-6 kilometers. When in Izmir taking a stroll is necessary to have an unforgettable experience. Check out the famous clock tower, click beautiful sunsets, look out over the horizon and admire the beauty. Later drop by a café or restaurant along the promenade to devour Turkish flavors.

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2.       Explore Kemeralti Pazari
Kemeralti Pazari is an open air market which has been around since 16th century. The market has various colorful shops along with plenty of hidden courtyards and beautiful cobblestone side streets. Do not miss out on Kizlaragasi Han, a stunning caravanserai that has great historical significance as well as the Hisar Mosque and eight synagogues that are located in the neighborhood.

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3.       Dine and Wine on Gazi Kadinlar Sokagi
Situated in the very popular Alsancak neighborhood, the street is famous by the name of Gazi Kadinlar Sokagi. You can find plenty of fish restaurants with an al fresco arrangement that includes vibrant colored chairs placed on the street. The street is also dotted with some of Izmir`s liveliest bars that hosts live music acts from around Turkey.

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4.       Visit Agora
Dating back to as old as the 4th century when the city was known by the name of Smyrna, Agora is one of the most spectacular ruins in Izmir city. The building was once severely destroyed by the earthquake but was restored by order of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Take yourself back in the history as you can still see ancient history, basilicas, vaulted chambers and cisterns in this open-air gallery of Izmir.

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5.       Izmir Museum of Arts and Sculpture
A definite stop for those who love history and stories related to historical time. The Izmir Museum of Arts and Sculpture has three pavilions which is filled with artifacts from ancient Miletos, Smyrna, Pergamon and Teos. Not only ceramics but there are other precious objects also such as jewelry, pots, coins and sculpture pavilion that is the main attraction.

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This itinerary will surely take you to all the famous places in Izmir in 48 hours. Pack your bags and book your London to Izmir flight tickets. For cheap tickets, visit our website


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