Ankara: How To Spend 24 Hours In The Capital City Of Turkey

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. A charming capital which may not be as flashy and glitzy like its sister Istanbul, but Ankara is certainly has irresistible attraction that would leave you spellbound. The city has plethora of places to visit and museums to discover that will keep you engaged for 24 hours.
Ankara has its fair share of art galleries, historic sights, shops, museums, and restaurants which is why it exists on every traveler`s bucket list. So if you have booked your flights from London to Ankara, our shirt guide will help you to spend 24 hours in Ankara, delightfully:
Visit Anit Kabir
Ankara`s most significant sight, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a must-see site. Built in the honor of the first president and founder of Turkish republic - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the mausoleum is a marble monument with stunning architecture. The monument was designed by Emin Halid Onat and Ahmet Orhan Arda and is a worth a visit when it comes to exploring the Turkish capital city.

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Admire art at CerModern
One of the largest hubs of contemporary art, CerModern is located in a former train depot. The museum hosts many exhibitions, featuring artists from all over the Europe. The gallery also hosts many workshops including Understanding Art seminars, CerLiterature and Cerkids. Do not miss out on gorgeous art and book yourself on London to Ankara direct flight.

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Go to Cikricilar Yokusu for some souvenir shopping
Want to get something for family and friends back home? Do some souvenir shopping in this open-air bazaar district in Ankara. From copper goods, ornaments, antiques, handmade jewelry and even clothes you can find plethora of things for reasonable prices. You can enjoy the great views while doing street shopping as the cobblestoned walkways of this market ascend the hills between the streets of traditional Turkish market.

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Visit the Museum of Anatolian civilizations
Go back to the ancient Turkish history with the Museum of Anatolian civilization which is located in the Ankara`s old town. You can find spectacular display of Anatolian archaeology from the Paleolithic era to the Neolithic, as well as the Assyrian, Greek, Hittite, Roman, Seljuk, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. The collection also includes bronze, marble, gold, silver and glass objects that go as far as the second half of the first millennium BC and are arranged chronologically.

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Take a break in Kugulu Park
Kugulu Park is a relaxing place for locals who come there to feed the swans floating in the park`s small pond. Take a seat and spend some time in tranquility to get a bit of rest and observe life in its simplest form.

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So spend your 24 hours in Ankara in the most memorable way. Don`t wait and book cheapest flights from London to Ankara to enjoy all the above mentioned things in the capital city of Turkey. You can browse our website for the lowest airfares. Visit our website to book flights with lowest airfare now!


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