A Visit To These 4 Historical Places In Turkey Will Take You Back In Time

Ever felt inclined towards the historical places of Turkey? The country is of a great historical significance that is deeply rooted and one can easily experience it from the culture and architecture that it boasts. Turkey is so magnificent and its charm attracts millions of tourists from across the globe.
Visitors can`t get enough of this place as the country has so many diverse places, landmarks, beaches, cities and museums to visit. To exhaust all the tourist destinations, one must spend couple of weeks in the country. So catch a direct London to Turkey flightas our guide will surely make you visit this astounding land as soon as possible.
Here is a list of must-visit historical places in Turkey to steal your heart in just one glance:
1.       Ephesus- Established as a port and built in the 10th century BC, Ephesus flourished under the Roman Republic. It was a significant commercial center as well as religious hub of the early Christianity. Located on a very fertile valley, its strategic location played a vital role in the ancient times.

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Tip- You can either rent a bike or take a taxi if budget is not a constraint. If you want to travel cheaper, take mini-buses.
2.       Aizanoi- An ancient city in western Anatolia, Aizanoi is located in Cavdarhisar which is in Kutahya Province. The city has many ruins that are located near River Penkalas and are of great universal value. You can visit the Complex of Stadium Theater, the museum of Kutahya and the Macellum.

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Tip- When here a visit to the Zeus Temples is a must.
3.       Antalya Museum- Although you can find various historical places in Antalya, the most famous of them is the Antalya museum. With an open air gallery and 13 exhibition halls, it is one of the largest museums in Turkey. The museum showcases a large collection of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia regions that makes a visit to this museum worth every penny. Thus start packing your bags with your ticket to London to Turkeyflight to marvel at the exquisite collection.

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Tip- Do visit the museum if you are an art buff as the museum exhibits more than 5000 works of art.
4.       Aphrodisias – Located in southwestern Turkey, Aphrodisias is the city of the Aphrodite –the Goddess of love. The temple of Aphrodite is located in the upper valley of the Morsynus River and dates back to 3rd century BC. The wealth of Aphrodite city, which was built a century later, came from marble quarries and the art that was produced by the sculptures.  

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Tip- Avoid visiting here during winters as the frequency of buses starts diminishing in this weather.
Turkey has so much to offer that you might fall short of time. Therefore we will recommend you to spend at least a couple of few weeks in this astounding country. Although most of its cities like Istanbul, Antalya and many more have direct flights from London, it is recommended that you book a non-stop Londonto Turkey flight for more convenience. You can also book flights with lowest airfares from our website www.flightsnfare.co.uk.


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