4 Best Surfing Spots To Ride Waves In Turkey

Turkey is famous for its tradition, culture and heritage along with many ancient sites and architectures that are breathtakingly beautiful. But what most of the people don`t know is that the country also has an eclectic surfing scene. There are various spots that are perfect for surfers and water sports lovers to enjoy sparkling water of Mediterranean or the gigantic waves of Black Sea.
Check out the list of the best surfing spots before booking London toTurkey flights for the most amazing surfing trip:
1.       Alanya- Alanya is a tourist town, which is located in the Southern part of the Turkey. It is a popular beach town and famous for particularly surfing. With 20 days ideal for surfing in a month, it is perfect during the off-season (December to April). The weather in Alanya remains pleasant with temperature not soaring above 18 degrees Celsius and the water temperature around 18-21 degree Celsius. Damaltas and Keykubat are the best beaches for beginners as well as the trained surfers.

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2.       Black Sea- If you want to ride the waves of Black Sea, then the Black Coast of Rumeli Feneri is one of the best places. The coast is stretched across 600-mile-long coastline which produces quite high waves. The coast is also famous amidst the locals who go for body surfing which is a local tradition. Thus be prepared as you will have to share the waves with these enthusiastic surfers during the warmer months. You can also find some active riders at Suma Beach in Kilyos which is another great place to go for surfing.

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3.       Kerpe- Another ideal spot on the Black Sea coast, Kerpe is a small touristic town which is adorned with beautiful inlays and azure waters. The town also has surfer-friendly hotel, providing single or group lessons at the best surfing spots. The surfing academy also hosts surf camps for couple of days that includes lessons, workouts, surfing equipment and hostel accommodation. Book cheapest London to Turkey flights to enjoy surfing.

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4.       Alacati- Due to the strong winds in Alacati, the place is famous for windsurfing and kitesurfing that have emerged as popular sports in the summer. The place attracts many visitors annually due to the annual windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions that held regularly in this small coastal town mainly popular due to its stone houses and windmills. There other places other than Alacati like Akyarlar near Bodrum, the island of Gokceada and Akyaka in Mugla, which are perfect to ride the Turkish winds.

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