Top 5 Best Resorts In Tenerife That You Must Stay At!

Although small in size, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands with pleasant climatic conditions. Also known as the island of eternal spring, Tenerife has regions which are hot and dry as well as regions that receive more rainfall.

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Distances between the two places in this city are relatively small, but finding an accommodation which is located centrally, is the best task. So if you have booked your flights already or looking to book flights to Tenerife fromLondon airports, you can do it from flightsnfare, where you can find cheapest flight options. So just to make your stay more pleasurable and to help you hunting down the best resort, we have picked a selection of the top resorts to help you choose from:
1.       Playa de las Américas- Built in 1960, specifically to cater the tourists, Playa de las Américas one of the largest holiday resorts that has liven up to its name and remained popular amidst the tourists. The resort is big, bold and exudes a buzzy vibe that acts as a magnet for all kind of tourists, from stag -parties to families, every year with five artificial beaches. 


2.       Puerto de la Cruz- Before Playa de las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz was the largest resort of the Island. With its typically Canarian Churches, streets and squares, it has managed to retain its local culture. The tourism started here from the sixties when it was a mere fishing village. The town is still famous and popular among the German and British visitors.

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3.       Costa Adeje- This resort has been raking in the popularity among the tourists for as long as Tenerife has become a popular holiday destination. With a wide selection of pools, beaches, hotels and plenty of family-friendly fun, it is also a home to island`s best water parks.

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4.       Puerto Colon- Located on the southwest coast, Puerto Colon is one of the most upmarket resorts on the island. Manmade beach has calm, soft sand and child-friendly water which is full of yachts and high-end boats. There are also watersports available for the adventure junkies.

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5.       Los Cristianos- With two beaches, out of which one beach was finished by borrowing the sand from Sahara Desert; Los Cristianos is the second largest resort of the Island. There is plenty of dining and drinking options and it offers a laidback ambience that lures more mature tourists.

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These 5 resorts are the best accommodations that will make your vacations memorable. They offer clean and clear beaches along with bustling environment making it a perfect destination to spend your next summers in. So if you are waiting for cheap flights, wait no more! Book flights to Tenerife fromLondon airports by visiting our website 


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