Izmir: A Glorious Introduction To Past and Present Of The City

Izmir is Turkey`s third largest city which is not only known for its historical roots but also due to its many characters of its contemporary culture. The beautiful city is also called the ‘pearl of Aegean’. You can find some of the most delicious meals or desserts in the city. There are so many facts which related to Izmir that surely makes it one of the most important cities in Turkey.

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With international airport providing super connectivity with the city center, you can fly from London to Izmir directly and can spend a day or so to get familiar with the city. To know well enough about a city before travelling there makes the entire holiday even more enjoyable. Therefore, to make your vacations more memorable here is all the information that you need to know about the city.

Intriguing History
With around 4,000 years of history recorded on its name, the city of Izmir is one of the oldest settlements in the Mediterranean. It was ruled by the ancient Hittite Empire till 1500 BC and after that it was taken over by the Persian and Lydian Empires. The city flourished with prosperity under the Roman Empire around 133 BC. Later in 14th century, it was captured by Ottomans and later in 16th century the city became an independent port city in the 16th century.

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After Independence
Izmir has enjoyed the status of important trading port city for so many years thanks to its terrific position at the top of the gulf. But the city began to prosper in the 16th century when its local produce such as cotton found buyers and started attracting business from France, British, Dutch and Venetian traders.  During Ottoman Empire the city became one of the most important traders in Turkey. By the end of 17th century, the city was home to Armenian, Greek and Jewish population and was enjoying a diverse culture that still makes its presence felt in the architecture and regional cuisines.

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The Pleasant Weather
The city is an ideal summer town where the weather is neither too cold and in the summer months the temperature doesn’t rise above 42 degrees. With wind around 77 days of rain in the year, the sun is shining brightly over the Aegean.

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Amazing Food Culture
Having such a diverse and multicultural history, Izmir has lot of fantastic food to offer. The large areas of the fertile land grow fresh vegetables and seafood, which plays a significant role in to make their food bounty edible. There are many famous dishes on the menu such as tarhana soup, Izmir kofte, zerde and the Sephardic classic boyoz.

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Izmir has everything on its platter anyone could ask for! So why waste time in finding next destination for your vacations. Plan your holidays and book flights from your travel operator now or you can also book packages and cheap flights from London to Izmir from flightsnfare.co.uk today.


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