5 Major Reasons Why You Should Visit Istanbul

Istanbul strikes the perfect chord of fusion that keeps enchanting people who seek to explore the city. A city of paradoxes and chaos, manages to exude magnificence that every visitor gets influenced by. The Greek remnants of empires, beautiful Bosphorus, amazing food and two different continents exuding two distinct cultures make Istanbul truly dynamic.
With its excellent connectivity with most of the European and American continents, it is easier to reach the city by booking direct flights toIstanbul from Heathrow. If you hail from European continent, there are many airlines offering cheap London Istanbulflights. Now along with its easy accessibility, here are some more reasons to book one of the Istanbul Holiday packages with us:

1.       OTTOMAN ERA SIGHTS- The magnificent palaces and mosques will definitely draw you into the rich history and culture of the Ottoman Empire. Topkapi or Dolmabahce Palaces exhibits the affluent Empire taking you on a journey through time to an era when the city was the power house of Sultans and their harems.
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2.       DELICIOUS CUISINE- Turkey has unique food culture and its palate brings together all the amazing traditions in an amazing fashion. From street food to the more authentic Turkish cuisine, you can literally dip your tooth deep in the food prepared in Turkish Kitchen.

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3.       VIBRANT BAZAARS- From Grand Bazaar to Spice Market, every Istanbul neighborhood has its weekly bazaar which is always buzzing and bustling with vendors and tourists. You can find almost anything and everything in these local markets. From local fresh produce from the villages, Turkish sweets and infinite variety of cheeses and olives, here you can find anything imaginable.

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4.       ART GALLERIES & MUSEUMS- Istanbul has some of the most important museums and art galleries exhibiting artifacts related to Turkey`s opulent history. The museums also display artworks by local and international artists. A treat for art lovers, the museums here are a must-visit.

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5.       RUINS OF BYZANTINE EMPIRE- Apart from the Ottoman architecture, you will also be mesmerized by the remnants of Byzantine Empire spanned all over the city. From Hagia Sophia to Chora Church, Istanbul`s Byzantine past is very much evident and make its presence felt at every nook and corner of the city.

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