4 Restaurants That Serve Best Turkish Delights In Antalya

Antalya is an amazing city of Turkey but what is more famous than the city itself is its amazing variety of food. Antalya`s cuisine is a real deal, from authentic Turkish cuisine to hot and fiery seafood served with fresh fish from the sea. Not just that but if you go for the traditional Turkish breakfast you can explore the city without worrying about your next stop as it will keep you full for hours.
You can have a great time while your stay in Antalya as you will have plethora of options to gorge on to satisfy your taste buds. So if you are looking for option to travel to Antalya, you can either book direct flights to Antalyafrom UK or you can also browse some cheapflight tickets to Turkey from London.  

Given below are some of the best restaurants of Antalya where you can find ultimate dishes to feast on:

1.       Enjoy Breakfast at Aysegul Hanim in Ciftligi- Your morning meal is the most crucial meal of the day. Thus, it is very important to give your day a kick-start and Aysegul Hanim in Ciftligi is one of the best places in Antalya to devour Turkish breakfast. You can fest on cheese, organic eggs and olives of different varieties along with cucumber and tomatoes and freshly brewed Turkish tea.
Location- Ayşegül Hanım’ın Çiftliği, Fener Mahallesi, 1907, Sk. No: 58, 07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

2.       Antalya Balik Evi- The restaurant has gained its popularity because of distinctive menu and appetizing seafood. The restaurant also happens to have breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. You can select your fish from a wide display and can enjoy some appetizers such as shrimp in saffron sauce.

Location- Antalya Balık Evi, Çağlayan Mh. Eski Lara Yolu 2057, Sk No: 2 Lara, Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey
3.       7 Mehmet- Sitting on a hill that overlooks the gorgeous Konyaalti Beach, 7 Mehmet is one of Antalya`s most famous restaurants. Every single dish on the menu is prepared perfectly to make every guest end up licking their fingers. Grilled meat such as Kuzu Tandir (slow cooked lamb) served with rice and roasted nuts is a must try.

Location- 7 Mehmet, Meltem Mahallesi, Atatürk Kültür Parkı No:201, Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey
4.       Borek at Borekci Tevfik- People who have a sweet tooth can satisfy their cravings at Borekci Tevfik, which is a Borek expert. Borek is a savory pastry which is filled with various ingredients. The dessert is then baked until it becomes crispy. The super-thin hand rolled dough which is filled with finely minced meat or cheese is the secret behind this borek, which is then coated with powdered sugar.

Location- Tevfik, Sinan Mahallesi 1255 Sokak, Ay İşhanı, Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

When in Antalya, do plan to take out your meal at one of the above mentioned restaurants. If you are visiting Antalya and have booked your tickets, do pay a visit and try out their lip-smacking meals. If you are still looking to book flights for your holidays, you can browse cheap flight tickets toTurkey from London on our website flightsnfare.co.uk. You can also book cheapest direct flights to Antalya from UK on our website. Hurry now to get amazing meals!


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