4 Not-So-Popular Places In Turkey That Are Super Gorgeous

Turkey`s list of historic sites is long and fascinating. This is the reason that it attracts millions of tourists every year. It includes some of the most famous tourist attractions as well as the monuments and site that are lesser-known but holds historical significance and are as mesmerizing as the popular tourist spots. Also with so many airlines offering cheap flight tickets to Turkey from London makes it easily accessible.

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Thus, anyone who is planning to visit this amazing land must be aware about these not-so-popular sites to make sure that they don`t miss out on anything. Take a look at some of the most enthralling places that locals are too familiar with and visitors are just beginning to explore:

At first glance, Kayakoy will look like any other abandoned village but the history associated with it is what makes the place more interesting. Located near the Taurus Mountains, the village was originally built in 1700s and was inhabited by Greek Orthodox residents in the 20th century. During the population exchange that happened in 1923 between Turks and Greeks, the village turned into a ghost town where the stunning architecture is still waiting to be discovered.

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Once painted with vibrant shades of red, purple, blue and yellow, these tombs cut right into the rock dates back to the 4th century BCE. Belonging to the Lycian Empire, the cheerful and bright shades of Myra Necropolis may have faded over time but their majestic built and beautiful architecture still attracts the visitors around the globe.

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Dating back to the Byzantine Empire, Manazan is an architectural wonder in true sense. A collection of small caves carved right into the cliffs, vertically, will definitely steal your heart. Although these little rock-cut apartments are no longer occupied by the people, locals use the site as a storage facility. For those who want to explore more archeological sites like this should definitely visit turkey. You can book cheap flighttickets to Turkey from London to save huge.

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Termessos is an ancient city that Alexander the Great did not think to conquer. Due to its remote location on the top of a mountain, the city is quiet autonomous. You can reach the place after a bit of a steep hike that will take you to a large array of impressive stone ruins and exposed tombs. To see some original reliefs from the site, a visit to the Museum of Antalya is a must.

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