3 Top Most Places To See In Ankara

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey is an epitome of independence and modernity to its citizens. The administrative center of Turkey shows a spectacular fusion of modern as well as historical elements in distinct neighborhoods. Therefore for every traveler, Ankara is an amazing opportunity to explore the various sites and experience the unique Turkish cultures.

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As Turkey has both European and Asian sides, people are keen to explore the country. Also those who hold a passport from countries which is a part of European Union can easily enter the country without visa. On the top of it, Ankara has many direct connecting flights, which is another factor that the city is becoming rapidly popular among the tourists. You can book a Londonto Ankara direct flight, as most of the world-class airlines offer regular flights.
Although there are many places in Ankara that are worth visiting, we have curated top-most tourist places that are must-visit for the first time visitors. Check out the three places here:
Ankara Castle
If spending a short span of time in the mosques and museums provides you an insight of Ankara`s culture and history, then a visit to Ankara Castle can give you all the information about Ankara, inside-out. The castle which was built as a military defense base is located in the Ulus district. The castle has 4 huge military walls with 42 pentagonal towers standing in circular alignment forming the middle part of the city. The top of the castle provides you panoramic city views although the walk up to the hill is not an easy task.

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A favorite of every historian and architect, Anitkabir attracts millions of tourists every year. The resting place of the first and mausoleum of second president of the Republic of Turkey has a vast collection of exhibitions and paintings. The ‘museum of Ataturk and the war of independence’ is divided into four parts. The first part consists of a long walkway which is called ‘the road of lions’. One can watch the Turkish soldiers parading on the long walkway. The second part is ‘the Peace Park‘, which consists of a Turkish Flag made entirely with flowers. Other parts feature Ceremonial Plaza and the Hall of Honor where the tomb of Ataturk, first President of Turkey, lay to rest.

Atakule is a communication and observation tower which was constructed in 1989. The tower is 410 feet tall, ‘Ata’ means ancestor and ‘Kule’ means tower in Turkish. The tower is an historical landmark that has an open terrace to provide a picturesque view of the entire city. There is also a revolving restaurant called Sevilla that rotates 360 degrees in an hour. You can enjoy the city views without moving or leaving from your seat while enjoying delicious meals.

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