Tenerife: 4 Top Most Places And Things To Do

Tenerife is a year round favorite destination in the Canary Islands. Tourists from all around the globe love to throng the place because of its weather. The island is also known as the island of eternal spring which justifies why tourists love coming back to this beautiful spot.

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This year round destinations is not only famous for its gorgeous beaches, ocean waves, great bars and restaurants but it is also famous for its numerous natural resources and secluded getaways. You can simply take flightsfrom London to Tenerife south airport, to reach here, as the city offer brilliant connectivity with the rest of the world.

Most of the people will seldom like to venture beyond its turquoise waters; we have come up with an extensive guide of activities that top the chart:

1.       Los Gigantes Cliffs
Gear up to be blown away by the incredible beauty of this place. Untouched and extremely beautiful Los Gigantes is a resort located in a secluded place in the west of the island. The resort is famous for the giant cliff that hangs above to a height of 800 meters. Offering panoramic and majestic views to the visitors, it’s a perfect place to experience golden shimmering sand and aquamarine waters.

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  The Museum Of Nature & Man
For the history lovers, this museum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife contains a vast collection of rare artefacts that symbolizes the history of the Canary Islands. The museum is a home to many ancient native tools and carvings. It also has some well-preserved mummies from around the world. Visit the museum to discover the largest collection of Guanche aboriginal culture of ancient Tenerife. The museum is easily accessible as all you have to do is take a flight fromLondon to Tenerife south airport and then get inside a cab to reach the museum.

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3.       Teide National Park
A UNESCO protected World Heritage Site; Teide National Park is centrally located on the highest mountain in Spain –Mt. Teide. With an elevated height of 3718 meters, the mountain is also a tourist attraction as it offers unmatched panoramic views and hiking routes. The Teide National Park is one of the oldest national parks of the country and holds a great cultural as well as historical significance to the Canary Islands.

4.       Hike Masca Mountain & Valley
Beginning from the village in the north-west side of Island, Masca Hike is one of the most famous hikes in Tenerife that continues all the way to the rocky beach below. The trail is up to 7 km long offering stunning views and natural sights. Many local operators provide the guided local tours. You can experience some of the most breathtaking views while going down the hill from Masca to the beach from where you can take boat to Los Gigantes.

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So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hop on to next flight fromLondon to Tenerife south airport to have super-duper vacations on Canary Islands. Last minute booking? Fret not, as you can still book the cheapest flight on flightsnfare.co.uk.


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