Explore Antalya By Visiting These 5 Best Places

Once considered mere a gateway to the Turkish Riviera, Antalya today is a popular tourist destination. One of the largest cities of Turkey`s western Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is the fifth most populous city in the country with over one million of population. Located right on the Gulf of Antalya, the showcases an incredible fusion of ancient ruins and modern infrastructure.
Home to many historical ruins, the city offers a stunning array of gorgeous beaches, fabulous architectures and national museums exhibiting some of the rarest of rare artefacts. The city also has its own airport –the Antalya airport, which handles various domestic and international flights. There are also regular flights to Antalya from UK, which also makes the city easily accessible.

The city takes its tourism business pretty seriously and whether you are traveling solo or with a large group, the city will never cease to entertain you. Here are top things to do when you are holidaying in Antalya:

1.       RUINS OF PHASELIS – Surrounded by the clear water of Mediterranean Sea, Phaselis has magnificent mountains in the backdrop. The ruins of Phaselis are located at 16 Km south of Kemer. Once a major point for trading, the place surely demands a stroll across it. Experience how the life might have been under the rule of Alexander the Great. The ruins have an amphitheater, an aqueduct and a main street market dating back to the 15th century.

2.       EXPLORE KALEICI- Admire an impeccable fusion of Ottoman and Roman architecture in thos old town of Antalya. This historic city is an amazing sight in itself with its narrow lanes and beautifully restored Ottoman houses. The district begins at the main square where a statue of Attalus I is erected. To the east is the monumental Hadrian`s Gate which is known as ‘the three gates’, which was erected in 130 AD to honor the visit of the Roman Emperor. Most of the tourists get confused about how to reach Antalya.

3.       Well now there is nothing to worry about. With direct flights to Antalya from UK, you can easily arrive at the city. You can browse holiday packages as well on our website that offers lowest airfare and best stays in Antalya.

4.       WITNESS ETERNAL FLAMES OF CHIMAERA- Chimaera also known as the place of flames is a site consisting dozens of flames that burn constantly for 24 hours. In the ancient times, the flames were used to guide sailors from getting crashed on the rocks. The reason behind the burning flames due to methane gas venting from the earth through the holes. The site look spectacular during the night, due to obvious darkness, so carry a torchlight as you will have to climb up the hill in the dark.

5.       DUDEN WATERFALLS- The limestone country of Antalya is rich in springs, caves and karst waterfalls. The Duden River creates two cascading waterfalls as it passes from the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. The two waterfalls are known as upper and lower Duden waterfalls. Both the spots are perfect for nature lovers to sit and sip on the beauty of nature.

Take your time and discover the ancient ruins of the city, as Antalya has so much to offer. Now you can also reach here easily. Visit our website www.flightsnfare.co.uk for amazing packages and flight deals. You can find direct flights to Antalya from UK at competitive prices.


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