6 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Antalya

Antalya is a beauty that needs no introduction. Bustling with rich cultural history and stunning natural landscape, you don`t need a particular reason to visit here. One of the most preferred holiday destination, people go breathless with a mere glance at the gorgeous Taurus Mountains and its peaceful beaches along with the streets that takes to the ancient cities of former empires that disappeared with time.


Still we don’t want to take a risk of keeping you at home during your summer vacations. Thus to make sure that you don`t miss out on this splendid city, here are 6 reasons why you need to visit to Antalya right now:

1.       Great Hiking- If you are one of those who like to explore the faraway places on your foot then great! You can take up a walking trail from Fethiye to Antalya (540 kilometers) and takes approximately 29 days to trek. You will not only enjoy great views along the coast but will also come across 25 historical sights waiting just for you to explore them. Sounds cool? Book your direct flights to Antalya from UK so that you don`t miss out on anything interesting.


2.       Ancient Ruins Closer to Beach- Like the natural charm of Cirali wasn`t enticing enough for us tourists to marvel. One of the Antalya`s super gorgeous beaches, Cirali is nestled prettily between green mountains that are overlooking the light blue waters and a vast pebbled beach. Not just that, ancient Lycian city of Olympus is also located at a stone`s throw distance.

3.       Amazing Stays- Other than the amazing luxury resorts that have dotted up the city, there are some of the best boutique hotels that offer the budget travelers some relief. Set entirely within natural surroundings, these boutique hotels never disappoint.

4.       Historical Artefacts- The Antalya Museum is one of Turkey`s largest museums in the world. The museum has 13 exhibition halls to display its impressive collection along with an open-air gallery. You can see an exquisite collection displaying some archaeological finds from the Paleolithic era to gorgeous sculptures from the Roman period.

5.       Beautiful Beaches- Last but not the least; beaches come last on our list for the obvious reasons. Popular for its beaches, Antalya has plenty of beaches that are pretty much gorgeous. From turquoise waters of Patara to the white sands of Konyaati, you can find perfect place to experience isolation.


6.       Natural Waterfalls- Not only beaches but Antalya also has many waterfalls. Located in a park northeast of Antalya the cascading waterfall descends into a pool which is surrounded by green flora and fauna. Another waterfall cascades directly into the Mediterranean Sea and can be best seen from a boat.

We hope by the time you end up reading our 6 super-convincing reasons, you will made up your mind to visit Antalya. To make you plan better, we would like to tell you about flights and stays. You can visit flightsnfare to book directflights to Antalya from UK and get some really good deals. The site also offers holiday packages with best stays. Book now as you can get cheapest airfares!


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